Advantages Of Custom Special Purpose Trailers

There isn’t enough time during the COVID-19 pandemic — or any healthcare crisis — to build a new brick-and-mortar facility if one is required. Even a minor expansion can take up to a year to obtain the necessary building permit. Custom mobile medical trailers can now provide an answer to some of hospitals’ and providers’ most pressing needs, such as surge capacity or isolation of certain services, such as COVID-19 testing or treatment.

Medical Trailers on Wheels Rapidly deployable and special purpose trailers can provide mobile medical testing, clinical care, office space, surgical facilities, utility support, and can even function as a fully functional hospital almost anywhere, at any time. The trailers are all possible in a patient screening area, reception area, examination room, scrub room, and operating room. These special purpose trailers can be fabricated, designed, and outfitted with virtually any feature that the healthcare provider requires.

What Are The Advantages Of Mobile MRI Units?

Mobile MRI units will become necessary to provide adequate time for patients’ complete treatment. Mobile MRI units can cut patient costs by half, and they will save money on travel while also saving time for themselves and the medical provider. Due to the adaptability of these trailers, all patients who are unable to receive an MRI scan will have access to them. These are people from rural areas and those who are less mobile. These units were made smaller, lighter, and self-shielding to succeed in the mobile version.

All mobile MRI units represent a great opportunity to provide excellent healthcare to everyone. These trailers are becoming a viable option in rural clinical settings. They improve communication among numerous healthcare providers, which is critical in providing the best possible care to patients. Another advantage is that patients do not need to travel to hospitals to obtain their MRI results. Their data can be found in the system, allowing for excellent collaboration and second opinions among doctors.

What Are The Advantages Of Mobile CT Units? 

Mobile units will be useful in any hospital or medical facility that performs daily CT scans. Even large busy medical centers can benefit from a mobile unit if their regular scanner is unavailable. On busy days, the mobile CT scanner can relieve workload and serve as a backup unit if the regular CT unit fails. The mobile unit can save money on real estate or construction costs. Smaller institutions may not have enough space for a standard CT scanner, leaving mobile CT units as the only option. CT mobile units can be bought or rented.


In rural areas or hospitals with limited budgets, the cost of mobile CT units can be shared among medical facilities that perform low-volume work. Mobile CT scanners will continue to find a place in medical imaging, from major medical centers to small rural community hospitals. Mobile units are less expensive, easier to set up, and can perform the same procedures as standard CT units. Through this article, one can easily find the best custom special trailers.


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