6 Reasons to use SMS as a Perfect Tool for Recruiting

Human resources departments often have a difficult time finding qualified candidates. To successfully carry out a recruiting process, it is necessary to invest time, money, and an efficient means of contact with the applicants. Half of the job-seeking workers are likely to be actively employed and so less available by phone during business hours. The recruiting process might take longer since many candidates are unavailable online during normal business hours.

Therefore, recruiters must interact with job seekers in various ways and mediums. The HR team looks into innovative approaches to contacting candidates without interfering with their busy schedules. One method that allows you to contact potential hires at any time is through text message. We’ve come up with six reasons, split into two parts of this article, to assist you in better grasping the special features of SMS. By the time you conclude this blog post, you will have a firm grasp of how Bulk SMS software may serve as the ideal instrument to improve the efficiency of your hiring procedure.

Why should you use SMS for recruitment?

Ultimately, in recruiting, you want to land the greatest possible candidates. The right applicant will match the position and the company’s culture well. Modern managers are shifting toward Bulk SMS software as the preferred communication medium for recruiting to get the word out quickly and aid in the pre screening process for possible applicants.

Our increasing reliance on mobile phones (particularly smartphones) indicates their growing significance. They store our calendars, schedules, papers, and payment systems and provide a quick route for fast notice and reaction via texting.

Managers and recruiters invest a lot of time and energy in finding, interviewing, and ultimately choosing the best applicants for open positions. Rapid and trustworthy communication is essential.

What’s the point of SMS?

SMS is fast to respond to and anonymous.

Due to the prevalence of mobile phones in modern culture and the high deliverability and read rates associated with SMS, the process of determining whether or not an applicant is actively seeking employment may be sped up considerably.

Applicants looking for full-time jobs are constantly mindful of how their words could affect their existing employment rules. The necking would be caused by a phone call or a quick read-through of an email. Text messages may be useful in such a situation. It guarantees that candidates may read the whole message without drawing attention to themselves.

Short Message Service (SMS) Is Mobile-Integrated.

Almost everyone I know has a mobile device that they never put down and periodically connect to the internet. People keep their phones within easy reach, and studies show that they read text messages immediately after arriving. Contrary to popular belief, people’s attention is not always drawn to their electronic messages, and social media feeds.

Check your inbox for recent emails and text messages, as an example. Most likely, you have a larger number of unread emails than you have unread text messages. For this reason, email is not the best way for a recruiter to get in touch with diverse applicant pools.

Cost-effective and time-saving.

You cannot assist applicants through the venue specifics and other crucial alerts over the phone. It is far more cost-effective than a phone call or email to use a basic but effective Bulk SMS software to automate things like reminding them of interview dates and venue information, including a geolocation link, notifying deadlines for submitting applications, etc.

How does an SMS Platform Function?

Immediately attract potential employees.

SMS allows you to quickly and effectively disseminate information to your students, ensuring that they will not miss class or fail an exam. Additionally, you will be able to advertise open positions and fill them more practically as a result of using this tool.

Applicants who are qualified

Through SMS software, you may establish keyword triggers. By doing so, you may more easily gauge the passions of potential candidates. Job-seeking prospects may be prompted to text in their keyword of choice to get alerts about relevant positions. It’s useful for gathering information about potential employees and allowing you to sort them according to factors like education level, the field of study, and job title.

Applicants must be pre-screened.

A prospective employee’s level of interest in a job may be determined in advance via Bulk SMS software. You should not assume that they are willing to be contacted by phone or are interested in working for you just because you have their number or because one of your current employees referred them. If you want to know their preference for a certain position, it is an SMS. You may use candidates’ expressed enthusiasm for the firm and the role they are applying for as a basis for your first screening.

Wrapping It Up

Having the right bulk SMS software would make a world of difference for your organization and this is the reason why you have Office24by7 at your perusal. For more details, give us a call on +91 7097171717. 

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