Industrial process fans especially industrial centrifugal fans are extensively in various industrial applications. The process fan is versatile in terms of use and adaptability to various industrial applications like cooling, heating, ventilation, and removing dust and other impurities from the air.

The industrial process fans are designed for various operational needs including operating under conditions with high temperatures with built-in air pressure, corrosive gases, and acidic fumes. There are multiple applications of industrial process fans in various industries

Air recirculation
Various industries produce heat and energy with the aid of boilers and burners. This process entails a constant and steady airflow to maintain fuel combustion. Industrial process fans allow the fresh air in the boilers to flow into the system to maintain the required amount of oxygen levels for correct fuel combustion. Centrifugal fans with high pressure are used in the steel and glass industry as recirculating fans to keep up the homogeneous temperatures inside the ovens.

Reducing a considerable amount of heat is one of the important functions of industrial process fans. In this case, cool air is blown to cool down the temperature of the industrial material. Similarly, cooling fans are used in the cement industry to reduce the temperature of clinker from high to low temperatures and in the glass industry to cool the oven walls and temperature of the glass material. Likewise, in preparing flat glass to install in windows, high-volume centrifugal fans with medium pressure are often used for cooling.

Several industrial processes require induced draft or forced centrifugal fans such as radial fans, airfoils, and backward inclined or backward curved to circulate the air required for controlling the moisture and temperature of the materials used. Hot air is blown in the drying system to remove the moisture content from the fabric. The centrifugal fans are also used in the food processing industry to dry and exhaust the moisture content from the food material before sending them to packaging. Likewise, the paper and the wood industry also make optimum utilization of industrial fans for drying the fabric in their manufacturing units.

Each production, manufacturing, and industrial facility unit has its dust-collecting requirements. They need processed fans to reduce pollution, keep the working environment clean and improve safer working conditions for the laborers. The de-dusting mechanism of the fans pushes or pulls the dirty air through the filtration process. The centrifugal fans are typically used for handling high volumes of dust loads and work on principles of pressure-type systems and depression-type systems. Industrial process fans produce high-pressure airflow which is used in industries to separate solid and granular particles from the exhaust air.

Mining and tunnel ventilation
Industrial process fans are used in mining to supply a considerable amount of oxygen for the workforce and exhaust harmful gases. Lack of sufficient ventilation in underground mines can cause severe health hazards for manual laborers. Not only does it increases the chance of accidents, but helps reduce manpower efficiency. Therefore, industrial fans for mining are considered essential precautionary machines governed by strict laws in several countries. Industrial process fans are also used in long tunnels especially those constructed through hills and mountains.

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