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General inquiries-

  1.   How to select a suitable hosting plan?

     Ans. Before selecting a plan, you first need to decide the type of web hosting that you require. We have all the features listed under our subscription plan details that you must read. The one that matches best with your requirements is the one that you need.

  1.   What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

Ans. A virtual Private Server is a hosting server that provides all the essential technology and resources and helps you connect with multiple users on the same server.

  1. How do I get started with VPS hosting?

Ans.  To start with a VPS hosting all you need is a VPN and just simple steps to get connected. Connect to a nearby remote server, configure and upload the files and you are done.

  1. When to select Shared hosting over VPS?

Ans. A virtual private server has all the essential features required for users with more control over their working environment. Also, a VPS provides more ease and flexibility with RAM and memory without paying extra.

  1. What are the pros of using VPS hosting?

Ans. It is a faster hosting service and provides guaranteed memory powers. It also provides a private and secure environment to host your websites.

  1. How does a VPS differ from a VPN?

Ans. VPN is a service used to help you with anonymous internet surfing, keeping all your data safe and secured. Whereas, the VPS is a hosting service that lets your host your websites and applications.


VPS hosting characteristics

  1. How to update cPanel in WHM?

Ans. To update the cPanel, you must use the WHM’s latest version interface. For this, open WHM, then home, Cpanel, and then click on the user interface.

  1. What should I look out for the best VPS?

Ans. To select the best VPS, you must look at the features that best meet your requirements. Select the one with high performance and uptime. Check for the ones with the best customer support and compare them with the prices.

  1. What else is a VPS used for?

Ans. Virtual Private Server is used to provide high reliability and security along with high performance for all the shared servers.

  1. Is VPS secure?

Ans. In comparison with other hosting service providers, VPS is one of the safest and most secure options available on the internet. This is because it ensures that the systems are isolated from one another.

  1. How to reboot my VPS server?

Ans. Use an SSH client and log into your server and then enter reboot on the screen. You are now disconnected. Once the reboot finishes, log in back to the server.

  1. How does restart differ from the reboot?

Ans. Restarting the system means that the computer is required to restart all the applications. Whereas, reboot options make your system start forcefully irrespective of the activities being performed.


Privacy and security-

  1. Do I need domain privacy protection?

Ans. Definitely. Domain privacy protection is an essential thing to save all your personal data and connect it with your domain. So, having domain privacy protection is a must.

  1. How can I secure my domain name?

Ans. You can use various operations to secure your domain name. You can add a password, use a VPN, and get the payment details and the contact information saved.

  1. What is domain name privacy?

Ans. It is a type of service provided by various domain registrars. The user purchases the privacy from the company and in turn, they secure the user’s information.

  1. How does the ID help in protecting spam?

Ans. All your numbers, addresses, and other personal details have restricted access and hence it blocks every user outside this permission.

  1. What is domain id protection?

Ans. The domain id protection is used to hide all your contact details that restrict it from being visible publicly.



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