Future of Food Base Packaging in India

The food packaging industry has seen greater heights due to the rise in consumption. People seek a healthier, on-the-go lifestyle, which means they look for safe and convenient food packaging. Since consumers think of environmentally safe products and packaging, brands are rethinking every aspect to deliver safety packaging.

The package of the future

This is the time to think of companies to look deeper into this aspect – one-way brands are looking out for a low-carbon, circular economy which cannot contaminate food. Finally, many brands have decided to choose paper-based aseptic carton package systems.

One way food packing plays a vital role in feeding the world. On the other hand, brands need to think about the impact on the environment, climate, and resources. So, balancing these aspects, firms have to conclude the right one.

Going into the present scenario, plastic is the most preferable material for packaging due to its convenience, and it has replaced all the traditional packaging materials like metals, glass, and paper boards. Plastic is apt for usage. Plastic packaging materials are synthetically driven from petroleum and are not ready for biodegradability. There is a landfills issue and unable to handle the waste of plastic, all the material is not recycled easily.

There is no day without touching plastic these days from morning to before going to bed, we use products packed with plastic because if you go out and want to drink anything, we get plastic bottles. From water to soft drinks – everything is today with plastic packaging.

Single-use plastic has been increasing for ready-to-eat foods and vegetables. Almost every processed food item comes with plastic packaging only. Tons of plastic are in landfills and sea beds now. However, awareness among the people observed, and wants to replace plastic with any other material. Because of keeping the environment safe, it is the right time to eliminate plastic from our lives and start thinking of ways to reduce the usage of plastic.

A few countries have already started replacing plastic with other materials. With increased environmental awareness, alternatives of using should be biodegradable and recyclable materials. Some have introduced compostable trays. These trays are made out of sugarcane instead of plastic or Styrofoam. In India, brands have to start using alternatives for plastic. Although the government has come up with policies to ban plastic, companies are manufacturing because of its flexibility.

Another brand has come up with a coconut bottle made of caramelized sugar with a coat of wax. Although it takes a longer time to break down the wax, compared to plastic, it takes less time.

However, brands have to rethink and invent the best packaging system for food products as instant food products are growing exponentially in India and abroad. Currently, many brands have come up with paper-based packaging for food items in India and abroad.


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