How Can Marriage Counseling Help Couples?

Couples seek marriage counselling for several reasons. Some people opt for divorce because of reasons such as marriage at an early age, having divorced parents, or drawing a lower salary. 

You should take charge of your relationship because it can cause distress, dissatisfaction, or conflict. Take into account the following questions about yourself, your partner, and your marriage:

  • Do you and your partner argue over religious faith or values?
  • Are you critical of each other?
  • Do you withdraw from one another?
  • Do you have contempt or resentment for each other?
  • Do you have a communication gap?
  • Do you have indifference of your partner?

If you said yes to several of these questions, then you may face a higher risk for relationship and divorce. While it doesn’t mean that divorce is urgent, you should work harder to keep your relationship healthy and happy. A marriage counsellor can help you here.

 Why should a marriage reach a point that counseling is needed? Stress of daily life coupled with the pressures of work and family can make it harder for couples to feel connected to each other.

It is a fact that marriage counseling doesn’t mean that your relationship has ended. It shows a willingness to do the work to get your marriage fixed, enhance your communication and grow close to your partner.

Spouses want of each other and their marriage good communication,  conflict resolving skills,  compatibility with one another are less at risk for divorce. And these couples benefit from counselling when in a transition phase.

How does Marriage Counseling Work?

An effective form of couples therapy is emotionally focused couples therapy (EFT).

According to research, this treatment takes a long time and helps those of  varying ethnic and cultural backgrounds as well.2

 Marriage and relationship researchers advise that the goal of couples therapy is trying to change the methods of interaction, emotional attachment, and communication between partners.2

What constitutes marriage counselling?

Marriage counseling is worthwhile for any couple who are looking at ways to make their relationship better. 

  • Younger couples get assistance from counseling to establish healthy communication and habits early in marriage. If couples go for counseling before marriage, it could also help couples to take necessary action to build their relationship over a long time.6 
  • If you are a couple who wants to work on changing yourselves can  benefit. Counseling becomes effective when both spouses and willing to improve their own flaws and are desirous of changes.

Couples who are talking of divorce can gain from marriage counseling.

Even couples in healthy, happy marriages face problems and many arguments in their relationships. According to research, these happy couples argue the same way unhappy ones do.8

Happy couples war over money, kids, in-laws, and closeness. The key to their success lies in how they sort out disagreements.


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