How Does Our Cryptokitties Clone Software Claim To Be Exclusive?

An Outline of Cryptokitties


One of the massive revenue generator businesses in the online game industry is NFT-based games. In 2017 the First blockchain-based  NFT game project, CryptoKitties created a unique rage in the crypto space. According to the reports, CryptoKitties has earned over $1,307. And then lots of CryptoKitties-like games started penetrating the crypto market. 


While the challenge is that creating such advanced dApp games like Cryptokitties takes span and precision. That is why we decided to help you to have a Cryptokitties clone script to Launch your own profit-generating Cryptokitties Game Clone Platform Development. This plays the main role as it helps initiate your own dApp game like cryptokitties at the smallest cost and time. 


Cryptokitties Clone Script


Cryptokitties Clone Script is an Ethereum Blockchain-based NFT Gaming Script that may be used to develop Cryptokitties dApp games. With Gamesdapp Cryptokitties Clone, business people can build custom avatars with multiple features. 


Specifications Of Cryptokitties Clone


Script Type: Blockchain gaming Script


Blockchain Technology: Ethereum (custom)


Integrated API: All the Prime APIs are integrated


Version: Version 2.0


Types Of Kitties In Cryptokitties Clone


The Kitties listed are cute but come in a variety of shapes and styles. In general, cats are categorized as


Normal – Its appearance is entirely based on genetic attributes


Fancy – It’s a detailed genetic recipe with unique art


Special Edition – The fixed amount of cats are released under this category


Exclusive – The Rarest variety of kitties reaches under this class.


Features Of Crypto Kitties Clone


Search Filter: Advanced search filters to get the expected kitties to the users.


Storefront: Stunning storefront design to represent kitties.


Breeding: Breeding is the most famous method which is responsible for the birth of new kitties


Crypto Wallet: Integrated Wallet to store cryptocurrencies


Bidding: Bidding Option Integrated to improve the revenue of traders


Payment Option Integrated: Multiple Payment gateways combined to facilitate the users.


How You Can Generate Revenue by Starting a Platform like Cryptokitties?


Birthing Fee: The birthing Fee is deducted whenever the new kitties were born


Gas Fee: The gas fee is a public fee deducted from the Ethereum network.


Breeding Fee: When players breed their kitties, the platform can ask for a breeding fee.


Cat Fee: To buy Cats, the user must pay a certain amount to the platform.


Are you a budding entrepreneur? staying right here? , then, no worries. Gamesdapp, being the blockchain game development company in the crypto space aims to deliver an instant solution. 


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