Tips to Enhance Customer service using IVR Calling System

Customer service and experience are different. As marketers describe it, CX is about the customer’s overall picture.

While CSR focuses on specific touchpoints (such as when a product fails or an order goes missing), CX focuses on clients’ entire perceptions of your brand, from the minute they learn about it to the moment they become devoted patrons.

With cloud technology, your CX standards will soar. The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) package is popular.

Consider these Seven Strategies to Enhance IVR Calling System and Phone Experience.

IVR software talks replace human interaction

Our team proposes a voice IVR calling system to improve upon conventional touch-tone IVRs, notably an IVR that can understand spoken words. New speech-based IVRs allow callers to speak their needs, and the Interactive Voice Response not only recognizes their words but also understands their intent to decide their flow through the system, in contrast to older DTMF IVRs, which were limited in their ability to categorize and transfer information.

Customers dislike delays.

Customers’ time is important, so don’t keep them on the line or make them use an IVR calling system if they don’t have to. Provide a call-back option to aid your customers. To utilize callback, callers must first choose the relevant CZ IVR menu option. The call is prioritized and added to the agent’s call list. 63 percent would examine digital channels before calling customer support.

A corporation shouldn’t hide agents.

Customers should be able to access a live contact center agent easily. The adoption of IVR software shouldn’t eliminate agents or force them into limited tasks. The purpose of modern IVR calling systems is to provide autonomous customer support. Offer your customers the knowledge and resources they need to address their issues. The following recommendations can help you use IVRs for self-service better.


65 percent of 18-to-44-year-olds in a recent Gartner poll indicated they use mobile devices to seek service monthly. If given the option between hearing and seeing IVR menu choices, 57.8% would choose the latter. With this information, it’s clear where CX funds should go next.

By texting a link to callers, you may take them to a user-friendly web page with all the normal IVR prompts and options. Businesses may profit from this feature by giving callers an easier method to traverse complicated IVR flows and multi-level menus and a “back” button if they get lost. IVR calling system lets users submit help desk tickets using Office24by7.

As much as possible, customize the IVR.

You know your clients well; there’s no need to treat each call as the first. All call centers should greet clients by name and thank them for their business. Check the client’s name, phone number, and any dates supplied.

Office24by7 IVRs recognize whether a caller is a returning or new customer. An Interactive Voice Response system may remember user activities and deliver contextually appropriate replies when they call again. When a client phones, the CZ IVR calling system identifies their number and, owing to an interaction with the CZ Helpdesk, can give tracking information. CZ IVR may now use a caller’s name to greet them, update them on their order, and ask for further information. Airlines and e-commerce recently implemented this feature.

You may monitor IVR efficiency to calculate a monetary return (TCR)

IVR is a major investment, thus calculating its ROI is crucial. TCR, or Task Completion Rate, is one of the most dependable IVR efficiency measures.

Consumers may not always obtain the answers they need on the same channel they called. Each channel has a particular function in the overall product. These goals may be divided into tasks and subtasks.

  • Every stage of working with a customer, from evaluating requirements to delivering results, is a distinct assignment. If a caller reaches the end of an automated system, they may be disconnected or transferred to a live person. Tasks are usually field-specific and build up to the same goal. Travel industry jobs include checking mileage balances, creating a new reservation, or changing an existing one to purchase a ticket.
  • Subtasks break down major jobs into smaller, more manageable ones, such as login/auth/main menu/yes/no confirmation dialogues.

To measure IVR efficiency and ROI, a corporation should monitor the frequency of these tasks.

Uncertainty about where to focus development efforts hinders assessing and improving IVR performance. Business owners don’t know whether to invest in voice user interface (VUI) design, speech grammar, audio quality, speech recognition technologies, network quality, customisation, or integration with other channels.

To understand, and examine IVR statistics.

Problems with the IVR’s performance, such as imprecise prompts, hard-to-find options, or long wait times, may drive up operating costs and upset callers, hindering customer service. Capturing trends in historical reporting and understanding how contact centers may use the information to modify operations before a trend harms your business are two methods to assure a successful future. You can identify whether your IVR needs to be rebuilt by evaluating call traffic at each node and dropout rate.

Wrapping It Up

It is time you amp up your customer service with the help of an IVR calling system. Contact Office24by7 for more details now on +91 7097171717.

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