Understand Sales Automation with our Extensive Guide

Do you realize that a salesperson’s time is often consumed by mundane, repetitive tasks? It indeed becomes too difficult to manage everything by hand. That’s why it’s important to think about investing in sales automation. Businesses that use automation in their sales process see an increase of 16% in their lead volume. You’ll need to play on the same team if you wish to achieve comparable success. After all, in today’s technological era, it’s ethical to make use of resources that facilitate your work.

In this manual, we will examine the advantages of sales automation software, the primary components that may be automated, and the recommended procedures to follow. So, read on until the very end!

What Is the Definition of Sales Automation?

The term “sales automation” describes the use of computer programs, AI, and electronic devices to replace human labor in traditionally “manual” sales processes. To put it another way, it frees up the sales team’s time and energy to put toward other valuable endeavors, such as fostering connections and following up with leads.

Rep-level Sales Automation Software

A sales professional must complete several things each day. These sales automation parts will enhance rep efficiency.


Setting up a meeting with a prospective customer might feel like a game of tennis: You suggest a time and day, and they propose another. 

Want a demo? Appointment and meeting scheduling tools make it easy to reserve a time. Just connect a customer to your availability. If schedules are flexible, they may choose.

Office24by7 Meetings adds a new contact to your CRM when a prospective client arranges a meeting. If you prefer an app, consider Calendly or Arrange.

Enhanced lead

Education builds critical thinking skills. Knowing your prospect’s business size, industry, solutions, role, social media presence, current suppliers, etc. may help you interact with and win them over.

LeadSpace and LeadGenius are helpful in this case. These combine data from several sources to give you a full picture of your possibility.

Sale calls

Even while reflection is key to growth, you definitely wouldn’t replay your last call if you could go on. New conversation intelligence features summarize and analyze all your talks.

Gong, Wingman, Avoma, and Chorus collect information from your talks, such as what was discussed, future moves, and possible competition.

Communication creates new relationships and deals

There’s a far better way to manually add contacts and opportunities to your CRM.

Configure your marketing automation software to create and update lead records automatically. A lead may be considered “Qualified” if they possess a given job or function and have viewed your product video or pricing page.

Second, add all prospective lead sources to your CRM. Participants in a webinar, survey, email list signup, event, Facebook Lead Ads, etc. If no native integration exists, use Zapier (a third-party tool that seamlessly connects your apps).


Have you used LinkedIn similarly? There’s a good plan. Upgrade to LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator to locate individuals who satisfy both of your criteria (such as “CMO AND San Francisco”).

Choose daily, weekly, or monthly alerts. Now you’ll obtain great leads without any extra labor. LinkedIn won’t display the same names; just new profiles.

Using an inbox insights tool saves time. Office24by7 Sales’ Inbox Profiles tool gathers your prospect’s CRM record, social media profiles, and company to provide you with a thorough insight before sending an email. No need to open 10 tabs to see their Twitter hobbies, job description, or most recently converted URL.

Email Format

Emails sent for prospecting, scheduling, and following up should be similar. 30–50% content customization improves response rates. (Our data show advantages decline beyond this time.)

Email templates save time by avoiding repetitive typing. To construct a template for lead emails, prepare a master version.

You may make quick changes to fit the reader and circumstance. To automatically fill up a prospect’s name, company, and job title, leverage Office24by7 Sales’ customization tokens function.


No more putting together a proposal from email, memoranda, and CRM databases. Tools like PandaDoc and ClientPoint may be set up to sync with your CRM so that crucial information like the client’s name, address, and quoted product price can be transmitted to the quotation without human input.

Timed reminders are common. Your tool will automatically follow up with interested persons until they sign, removing the need to annoy them.

Want to get top management or legal involved? Create an automated CRM method to collect approvals before delivering anything to the buyer.

eDeal Management

Record a lead’s voicemail in a CRM. If you get through, record the conversation in your CRM. Send an email and record it in your CRM.

Maybe reading it is tiresome. It’s a no-brainer to automate deal-related processes like recording phone calls, meetings, and emails. Office24by7 Sales automation software can help by tracking if a prospect opens an email, clicks a link, or downloads an attachment.

Email Marketing and Sales Automation

Can unresponsive leads automatically get follow-up emails? Office24by7 Sales automation tool may assist. Create a bespoke email campaign for a lead, schedule the emails to go out at appropriate times, and add personal touches. When a prospect answers, you may stop mailing.

Wrapping It Up

If you are looking for a sales automation software that can make a difference in your organization, then Office24by7 is the one. Contact us on +91 7097171717 for more details.

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