Heavy-duty industrial process fans play a pivotal role in large-scale industries. These process fans also called blowers, enable the mechanization of the manufacturing process for numerous manufacturing applications and processes.

The applications of Industrial centrifugal fans are versatile and they are used across many manufacturing processes. Industrial plants of all sizes – small, medium, and heavy industries are installing process fans to mechanize their process. When the factory output is very large, to mechanize the process in such factories – heavy duty and large industrial process fans will be used. This will enable the processing of the desired production output.

Heavy-duty industrial process fans – key points
Let us now have a quick look at some key points related to heavy-duty industrial process fans.

• These process fans are manufactured from materials having the topmost durability. As a result, the blowers can work amid harsh environments, and incessantly provide the required pressure and airflow.
• These fans can endure extremely high temperatures without affecting their performance.
• Despite their huge size, these blowers consume relatively less amount of power. With this, factories/ plants get savings in manufacturing processing costs.
• Industrial fans come in different varieties encompassing diverse sizes and configurations. The most suitable blowers are dependent on several factors. Here, the primary purpose for which they will be used and the exact place the fans are going to be installed are crucial aspects.
• Cement, petrochemicals, steel, glass production, power, and oil & gas are a few of the industries where massive industrial centrifugal fans are integral elements.

Heavy-duty industrial fans applications
There are several applications for these heavy-duty industrial process fans and they are used in multiple industries.

• These heavy-duty industrial process fans are used in coal-fired power plants to convey a mixture of coal and air into the furnace to heat the boilers.
• The process fans are used to pre-heat the combustion air to maintain the high temperature in the industrial furnaces and improve energy and process efficiency in multiple industries.
• The heavy-duty fans are used in the de-dusting fans in cement and other industries.
• The large fans are used in the cement industry for cooling the clinkers before they are crushed into cement.
• In large steel-producing factories, the industrial process fans are used to provide combustion air to facilitate the smelting in the furnaces.

Industrial centrifugal fans – customizations
There is a reason for industrial centrifugal fans being so commonly used in factory premises. That reason is customizations. There are a variety of impellers that can be used to custom-design the process fan for a specific application. The names of the process fans are based on the type of impeller used on the fan – airfoil fans, backward inclined fans, backward curved fans, radial blade fans, radial tipped fans, or paddle wheel fans. Not just the impeller but several other components of the fans can be customized to serve the specific manufacturing process requirement. In addition, to the type of the fan – the size of the industrial centrifugal process fan itself can be custom-built from 2KW to 15000 KW fans.

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