Business Management Dissertation Topics 24 Examples for Research

As a business management student, you need to have a top-notch idea for research. You will study numerous facets of running a firm as a business student. You’ll learn how to manage everything, including money, marketing, and human resources. Understanding how you will put your information into practice, however, is crucial. Both in terms of the number of students who choose to study it and the course content offered, business studies are a highly concentrated topic of study. The good news is that it allows students a range of research subjects to look into when coming up with intriguing business dissertation topics.

The dissertation can be an excellent place to start if you need assistance comprehending a real-life situation. You can gain a thorough understanding of business principles, frameworks, and models by reading dissertations.

Guidelines for Writing a Dissertation

A dissertation must adhere to a set of rules, which include an introduction to the issue, the research question, the aim and objectives, a literature review, and the suggested research approach, explains, Martha, a management dissertation help expert from Sydney.

This guide provides detailed information about how to write different parts of a dissertation such as:

Problem statement – Research is a methodical examination to discover new methods, goods, or procedures to address problems. Research is empirical, as well as systematic; it is founded on observations and the measurement of those observations.

Conceptual framework – Whether or not creating a conceptual framework will be useful depends on the kind of study you are doing. A conceptual framework for the dissertation gives theorists and researchers the freedom to test hypotheses and determine whether they will support a theory. Additionally, you can check to see if the right variables have been chosen for the study.

Introduction – Depending on your choice of research topic, the precise components of a dissertation or thesis introduction chapter change. A definition of the chosen study topic is one of the essential components of an excellent dissertation introduction.

Literature review – An examination of the theses, journal articles, books, and other academic resources on a certain study topic constitutes a dissertation literature review. A dissertation’s literature review is crucial since it offers insight into the major ideas, innovations, theories, and findings related to your study questions or topic.

Methodology – The approach is arguably the most difficult and time-consuming aspect of the research process. In essence, the methodology aids in comprehending the broad, philosophical approach that guided your choice of research methods for your study.

Discussion – The dissertation discussion chapter allows you to demonstrate your skills in explaining and analyzing the findings of your study. It allows you to investigate the relevance, significance, and implications of your findings.

Findings – The main findings of your research are presented in the findings part of your dissertation without being explained. This dissertation chapter is intriguing since it asks you to describe the things you have seen and learned.

Conclusion – The dissertation’s ending chapter should be engaging for the readers and provide an accurate but succinct summary of the main points of your research, with a focus on the conclusions and advice you have drawn from your study.

Title page – Perhaps the first thing that will grab readers’ attention is the title of your study. You can either develop a dissertation title page before you begin your research or after you have finished writing the other chapters of your thesis.

Acknowledgments – To acknowledge someone is to express gratitude. In a dissertation, the acknowledgment section is where you can thank everyone who has contributed to its creation.

How to structure a Dissertation – It should be noted that your dissertation’s precise structure will depend on several variables, including:

  • Your method of inquiry (qualitative or quantitative)
  • The type of research you are conducting (exploratory, descriptive, etc.)
  • The specifications are established by your academic institution.
  • The field or discipline that your studies fall within. If you are a humanities student, for example, you must write your dissertation using the same format as any lengthy essay.

Here’s a list of business dissertation topics that will help you stand out:

Topic 1: The impact of corporate governance on firm performance and internationalization.

Research Goal: This study looks at how corporate governance affects the performance and internationalization of businesses.

Topic 2: Brand marketing through social media.

Research Goal: By examining several contemporary brand marketing tactics, this study seeks to highlight the significance of brand marketing through social media.

Topic 3: What factors influence the consumer’s buying decisions?

Research Goal: To determine the elements that affect consumers’ purchasing choices.

Topic 4: The role of Influencer Marketing in increasing sales.

Research Goal: Influencer marketers affect consumer perception, according to the research goal. The purpose of this study is to examine how influencer marketing affects sales.

Topic 5: Analysis of the customer-centric marketing strategies in attaining competitive advantage for the firm and sustaining business success.

Research Goal: The goal of this research is to develop customer-centric marketing strategies that will provide the company with a competitive edge and help it maintain its current level of success.

Topic 6: The impact of relationship marketing on customer loyalty: an analysis of the Honda motor.

Research Goal: This research aims to assess the impact of relationship marketing on customer loyalty. An analysis of the Honda motor will be conducted as the base of the research.

Business Strategy and Globalization Dissertation Topics

The process of assisting organizations and corporations in expanding their operations and influence on a global scale to boost their profit margins is known as globalization.

Topic 7: Why organizations and businesses must change their business strategies in the era of globalization.

Research Goal: Any corporation that implements a globalization-based strategy will miss out on significant revenue prospects. Therefore, the focus of this study will be on the reasons why businesses should develop globalization-related strategies.

Topic 8: Global business strategy for MNCs and the role of corporate vision, conflicts, and empowerment.

Research Goal: In this study, we will discuss the numerous business strategies that MNCs can use and the parts that their vision, dispute resolution, and empowerment play in the development of these strategies.

Topic 9: An investigation into the process of offshore outsourcing of customer services to determine causes of poor customer satisfaction.

Research Goal: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the offshoring of customer services, which has an impact on consumer happiness.

Strategic Change Management Dissertation Topics

The administration of “change and development” within a business organization is what is meant by the term “change management.” It’s vitally important to deal with the effects of change. Managers that are dealing with change from both an individual and an organizational standpoint can benefit from strategic change management, says, Bhavana, a management dissertation help professional from Australia.

Topic 10: Use of a proprietary change management system concerning transformational change and stakeholder communication.

Research Goal: This research will discuss a unique stakeholder communication and transformational change management method.

Topic 11: To establish the importance of measuring the stress levels of employees to successfully implement change.

Research Goal: The purpose of this research is to discuss the significance of measuring employee stress to successfully execute change.

Topic 12: The role of senior management of business organizations in developing a framework that connects unexpected results and strategic plans.

Research Goal: This study will discuss how senior management in firms can create a framework that will aid the organization in fusing strategic plans with unexpectedly fruitful outcomes.

International Human Resource Management Dissertation Topics

The goal of international human resource management is to raise employee productivity on both a national and international scale. The IHRM function largely focuses on the regulations created to guarantee effective personnel management inside multinational organizations.

Topic 13: Developing an effective human resource management system in large multinational companies – The recommended practices and strategies.

Research Goal: To assist multinational corporations in creating an efficient human resource management system.

Topic 14: The causes and forms of deviance in business and non-profit organizations.

Research Goal: The purpose of this research is to better understand the factors that contribute to deviance in for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Topic 15: Configuration of human resource management system in multinational companies.

Research Goal: The purpose of this study is to better understand how multinational corporations’ human resource management systems are set up.

Information Technology Management Dissertation Topics

Information technology management is the process of overseeing all of a company organization’s information technology resources. It should be emphasized that an organization’s information technology resources are often managed in line with the priorities, rules, and specifications established by the company. Examples of information technology resources that must be handled within a corporation include the employees, data center facilities, networks, data storage databases, software, and computer hardware.

Topic 16: Role of information technology management in large diversified business organizations.

Research Goal: The purpose of this study is to better understand how large firms use information technology management.

Topic 17: To investigate the important elements of information technology management.

Research Goal: The key components of information technology management will be the focus of this study.

Topic 18: Analysing the issues associated with the implementation of Information technology in new technology-based firms.

Research Goal: This study will aid in evaluating problems related to information technology deployment in technology organizations.

Organizational Leadership Dissertation Topics

Business leaders are members of the management team who oversee operations and offer motivation and other administrative support. Business executives have a responsibility to assist other team members in setting priorities for the organization’s goals and corporate vision. These intriguing organizational leadership-related topics are listed below.

Topic 19: The impact of organizational culture and leadership behaviors on practices of knowledge management in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Research Goal: This study will look at how leadership styles and organizational cultures affect knowledge management in SMEs.

Topic 20: Evaluating the impact of leadership on organizational performance – A case study of any large and diversified firm.

Research Goal: This study aims to assess how leadership affects organizational performance. You are free to select any business for this study.

Topic 21: How leadership decisions to implement new business strategies can be influenced by organizational culture – A case study of Nokia.

Research Goal: This study will examine how organizational culture affects leadership decisions and how they aid in the implementation of new business strategies. On Nokia, this study will be based.

International Business Strategy Dissertation Topics

The transactions that take place outside of a country’s boundaries as a result of commerce are referred to as international business. It is important to remember that any business dealings—including transportation, logistics, investments, sales, governmental, and private—that emerge from trade between two geographically distinct locations are considered to be part of international business, excerpts, Kaushal, an online dissertation help writer at LiveWebTutors.

Topic 22: Investigating the patterns of foreign direct investment in new global economies.

Research Goal: This research aims to describe trends in foreign direct investment in emerging global economies.

Topic 23: Internationalisation opportunities for Chinese multinational companies – The link between international business development and “knowledge and learning”.

Research Goal: In this study, the relationship between international business development and knowledge will be examined to better understand the potential for internationalization for Chinese multinational corporations.

Topic 24: The impact of corporate governance on performance and internationalization of business organizations.

Research Goal: The performance and internationalization of business organizations will be the main topics of this study.

The Conclusion

If you need help understanding the situation in real life, you should probably start with the dissertation. Reading dissertations can help you fully comprehend business concepts, frameworks, and models. A wide range of academic fields, including civil engineering, construction, law, and even healthcare, are interconnected with the business field. Because of this, it is crucial to develop a business dissertation topic that is clear, rational, and genuinely addresses a pressing issue in the industry. Dissertation themes must be original, tackle a known problem, make sense, and be practically applicable.

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