Some useful tips for UPSC preparation

Prepare yourself

Prepare yourself for the IAS Journey before starting your preparation. Set your goals and devote proper time. If you are working and don’t want to quit the job, you can join our online course for IAS preparation.


Know the syllabus

As a future IAS officer, you should follow a well organised daily routine. Knowing the syllabus is the most important thing to do before you go through the books. The syllabus of the IAS exam has been divided for the preliminary and mains exam. It will help you to choose the right study material and understand which subjects are more important.



Reading newspapers is important for civil service preparation because Many direct or indirect questions are asked from current affairs, so it is very important to read the newspaper or follow the daily news for the IAS exam.


Optional subject

Choosing the right optional subject is crucial for IAS exam because optional subject accounts for 500 marks in the UPSC final merit. Think about the pros and cons of the subject before choosing any. The subject that overlaps with the General Studies papers and you have prior knowledge about it is considered a good optional subject. However, you should also have interest in the subject easily. The availability of coaching and study material is also essential.


NCERT books

Candidates should start their preparation with NCERT textbooks. These books provide the information in an easy to understand language that is why they play a very significant role in the IAS exam preparation. They are also a reliable source of information. Many questions are asked directly from NCERT books in the UPSC exam. This is the reason NCERTs are the best books to start IAS preparation.


Making notes

The syllabus of UPSC is very vast so making short notes is very useful during UPSC preparation. It keeps track of the portions covered and also helpful for revision.

The mains exam consists of descriptive papers that test your analytical abilities.

Candidates should be expert in organizing their views, perceptions and thoughts in a flawless manner. They also have to write answers quickly and effectively in the minimum words. Therefore, answer writing practice is very helpful for the mains exam.


Previous year question papers

To know the UPSC pattern, difficulty level and exam type, previous question papers are very beneficial and the most reliable source. You can easily evaluate the trend of the UPSC exam paper and also can understand which areas are important.


Mock test series

Mock test series help civil service candidates in realizing their mistakes and. Self assessment is an essential part of civil service preparation. You will be able to know what approach you should follow in continuing the preparation and identifying strengths and weaknesses. So, it is suggested to join the mock test series for civil service exam preparation.



Revision is another important factor for UPSC exam preparation. The syllabus of UPSC is not only vast but also covers various subjects. Therefore, it is quite common to forget things that you had studied earlier. Regular revision will make you able to learn things in an effective way.


Interview preparation

Interview is the final and most important stage in the UPSC exam process. Candidates should possess qualities such as diplomatic skills, presence of mind, reaction to stress, communication skills to clear UPSC interview. Generally, the questions are asked about your interests, education, hobbies and work experience.

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