Splendid Heroes (Part 7) Before Sunrise + Fanwai by: Drunken Rain

The public channel of the garrison behind him rang, and although No.2 and the others chatted and walked back, they still heard the patrol report that the WN753 team had lost, and the station seemed puzzled about it. No.2 quickened his pace, and in the basement, the four of them needed to delete all the databases completely-before deleting, they had to back up to their superiors, which made the work more difficult. No.2 had his own independent room. He put on his headphones as usual and relied on his advantage of facing the door. He quickly used the account he had stolen to enter the general contact center and found the frequency of WN753. He simply called a few small programs to completely put WN753 on the “block” list, and in fact, he put the channel on his side. No.2 coughed loudly a few times, and someone on the other side answered: “WN753 received.” No.2 transferred the microphone signal to another transceiver, called out a hit song called “I love you never change”, and decompressed it. As a result, Su Chaoyu, who was far away on the west coast, heard a recording: “I am Meng Fan, a good friend of Mu Zhaobai of the Comprehensive Intelligence Department.”. I’m the inside man. Please contact on channel 951. Please inform Jiang Yang. Please help me. When everyone thought Meng Fan had already died, he came out, not to mention the wolf tooth, even Su Chaoyu, who had experienced the Zero Plan incident, did not believe it. If he could get in touch, he would call Mu Zhaobai at the first time, at least to verify whether it was a trap for Chatur. But he can only trust this voice now, which is their best hope. Su Chaoyu thought for a moment and said, “prove yourself.”. The Meng Fan I know is dead. “Mu Zhaobai didn’t do the last question in the high school physics exam because he was angry with the teacher.” This is a recording, can be clearly separated from the surrounding voice, it can be seen that whether the trap or the real living Meng Fan, have long been ready for the arrival of this day. If it is Meng Fan, it is not surprising to know this detail and remember it until now. This is indeed the best test. However, Su Chaoyu also understands a truth. If the other side is setting a trap, this is also the best excuse, Inflatable water park factory , because the enemy knows very well that there is no connection between the landing team and the headquarters. I don’t care about any of his achievements. Su Chaoyu said, “I can’t be convinced.”. I can give you one more minute or less, otherwise, I will destroy the communicator directly. He was not threatening, he was really using gestures to order everyone to be ready to smash things. There was silence for a while, and another recording was released: “Please tell Mu Zhaobai that I really have a special love for compressed biscuits.” Peng Yao frowned very ugly, Su Chaoyu turned off the communicator and carefully recalled all the details about Meng Fan in his mind. It was Meng Fan who took the initiative to leave compressed biscuits and pure water for Jiang Yang, who could not move, to disguise the illusion that there was no second person present, which made it logical to cover up the name “Meng Fan” in the follow-up report. The number of people who know this fact is almost one, and Su Chaoyu believes that even if someone asks Meng Fan for a confession, he will not ask such an irrelevant question. He thought back and forth and finally turned on the communicator. “Please show us the way. Thank you.” Peng Yao has great hostility and suspicion towards the existence of Meng Fan. Su Chaoyu listened to Meng Fan pointing to the roadside, spent five minutes telling stories, and spent five minutes explaining the specific situation, Peng Yao finally came out with a sentence: “Why?” “Is your equipment full of why?” Su Chaoyu stopped, “listen, this is all our hope, even if Jiang Yang is here, he will believe him, do you understand?” Peng Yao said very seriously: “Jiang Yang is not a 100% correct God.” Su Chaoyu simply put down his gun: “What do you have a grudge against?” It’s an unconvincing coincidence that this guy is the inside man of the Flying Leopard. Su Chaoyu, you think carefully, this isolated island, I Peng Yao is the main force to die, and here finally by a Jiang Yang undercover help, even if the war won, you let others think of what? Do you think I’d believe this coincidence if I was behind it? If this is not a coincidence, then who arranged Meng Fan, who let me come here to die? After listening to the first half, Su Chaoyu could not restrain himself from pumping his two mouths, but the words behind were the most crucial. Peng Yao’s transposition thinking really made Su Chaoyu find a big problem: if they rely on Meng Fan’s help to win the battle, how can they write the report back? However, Su Chaoyu participated in the whole process of Zero Plan. He knew that Meng Fan was a very smart but very weak person. He would not easily bring trouble to others, but he was definitely not a fuel-efficient lamp. There is nothing wrong with cherishing one’s own life. Su Chaoyu will not blame Meng Fan for his selfishness, but it must be admitted that the other party, as an ordinary technician detained here, really does not need to have the virtue of volunteering and teamwork. Su Chaoyu can only contact Meng Fan: “We need the support of the command center now.” Meng Fan did not speak,inflatable water slide, seemingly mechanically knocking on the carriage. But when Su Chaoyu heard the Morse code, Meng Fan knew that they did not necessarily have a professional dispatcher. He knocked very slowly and clearly, and soon he could spell out a complete sentence: “I have never touched the master control room.” 122. Connector “Guide us through.”. There is a group of people coming towards us now. Please move them away. Su Chaoyu waved the whole staff to hide. joyshineinflatables.com

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