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I answered four out of six crosswords yesterday. Today, I only answered 3 crosswords correctly. However, I think some of you may have trouble with this. because it requires a bit of luck.
People often say that the word “raise” is one of the best words to use when starting a Wordle puzzle, so I chose that word.
On hard mode, Wordlebot rates me at 92 in skill and 49 in luck. I understand things 51% better than before. It also tells me that I need to look up 149 more words in the dictionary. Get wordle hint and clues to guess the hidden word of the day by yourself.

Read on to learn some good ways to solve word puzzles.

I decided to go with the second option. Based on what Wordle showed us, The letters “T,” “N,” “L,” and “C” are all used more than any other letters in the game.
Behind them are the letters “D” and “H.” I started out with a few different ideas, but soon I only had two. I was going to pick SCAN, but in the end I picked STAND.
In the end, it doesn’t matter which one I choose. since both tell me everything I need to know. Let me finish the math when I get to the third round of the competition.
But I think if I tried again, I would get the right answer. There are only four ways to answer because Wordlebot uses SHALT.
STAMP was used by a greater number of participants in the NYT.After making that choice, it took them, on average, 2.4 steps to find a solution. So it wouldn’t be surprising if my guess of 92 was incorrect.
I’d like to say one last thing.
How to solve today’s Wordle with hints and answers With the help of hints and clues, you can find the hidden word of the day.

Because of the puzzle game, a lot of games like Wordle were made. Open a new tab and focus on the ads you see every day that are about music, math, or geography.

I’ll be back soon with a post that is both very interesting and full of useful information.


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