Fierce Ghost Shelter System

Where does human consciousness come from? What will happen after death? Why will the body be 21 grams lighter after death? Is 21 grams really the weight of the soul? This kind of direction is his research direction. Partial philosophy, partial theology, and absurd! In the contemporary era, his research direction has no practical value at present, and the road of research is still long, the state can not allocate funds to support this research, until three years ago, he was taken to a place. Xishan Town, Sanfen Mountain. Xishan Experimental Base. There was a unit that supported his research. Qi Xiuyuan only knew that the place was called the “Yanjing Ninth Bureau.” A large amount of money was allocated to support his own research, and from the direction of ghosts and gods to the direction of “particles” recognized by academia, that is, “superstrings.”. Superstring, as the smallest living body in the universe, to put it bluntly, will call this kind of thing a fragment of consciousness, and countless such living bodies can constitute the soul of a system. Qi Xiuyuan studied and groped on this road and met many people who inspired his research. The most important group of people is the ghost hunters. Are you a ghost hunter, too? Qi Xiuyuan narrowed his eyes and was so surprised that he could not imagine that Qin Kun was also a ghost hunter. Qin Kun smiled, “I overheard you chatting with Ms. Guan after dinner in the afternoon. Did you come back this time to prove that there are ghosts in every city?” Qi Xiuyuan said seriously, “Sanfen Mountain is a strange place with a disordered magnetic field. I have also seen some strange things.”. But what I see is what my brain is telling me. Maybe it’s a hallucination. It’s deceptive. The magnetic field here in Yanjing is stable. I want to test whether what they say is true. Qi Xiuyuan took out the soul-chasing amulet and said, “Today is August 10, the 14th day of the seventh lunar month. After midnight tonight, it will be the 15th day of the seventh lunar month.” “On the fifteenth day of the seventh month, the yuan Festival is held, and the door of the ghost opens, and ten thousand ghosts come!”! If what they say is true, I will change my research direction! Qin Kun shook his head, and sure enough, those who engage in this kind of scientific research are either geniuses or madmen. Seeing that Qin Kun was not interested, Qi Xiuyuan said, “Don’t you want to know where the ghost hunter’s Taoism comes from?”? Why do some people learn and others don’t? What kind of energy do they use? Why is there a phenomenon of ghost possession? “I’m not interested,” said Qin Kun. “Our ancestors once said that peeping at the secret of heaven would shorten one’s life. This is a secret, don’t touch it,artificial plant wall panels, and it’s passed down from generation to generation, no one will think about where those things come from, as long as they don’t take those things as demons. You’re too serious. This is science! It’s just that we can’t study here with our current vision! Sooner or later, this research will benefit all mankind!!! This is a new life form! Humans may live forever!!!

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