Heroic ambition

When Zhuo Lingzhao saw that he was so arrogant, he was furious. He saw the green awn galloping, and he was going to poke Wu Dingyuan in the chest. Suddenly, he saw Wu Dingyuan’s body trembling, and suddenly it became gray. He followed the sword awn through the body and hurt him at the end. All the people on the shore were shocked. They didn’t know why. Jin Lingshuang, Qingyi Xiushi and other masters could see clearly that they saw the sword awn attacking the body. Wu Dingyuan turned his head sideways, turned around, lifted his legs, slanted his shoulders, and in the blink of an eye he dodged one cold sword after another. It was only because he dodged very slightly and very quickly that his figure became a hazy one that was hard to see with the naked eye. Yu Chuanzi was startled. “How could he be so quick?” He exclaimed! Isn’t this a monster? As soon as this remark was made, everyone felt the same way. Seeing Wu Dingyuan’s body skills, he looked like a ghost. His eyesight was far stronger than eagles, and his hands and feet were faster than tigers and leopards. Ordinary people who practiced martial arts could not practice such a strange appearance. With his skill, he did not need to learn any more martial arts moves. As long as he had infinite strength, he could advance and retreat like lightning, and kill all the masters in the world. As soon as the figure flashed, a group of gray things suddenly came out of the sword, but it was Wu Dingyuan who raised his palm to attack! Zhuo Lingzhao’s complexion changed greatly. He saw that someone in the world could penetrate the “Xiaguang Qiandao”. It was really a strange thing that he never dreamed of. He was so shocked that he had no time to think about it. He only raised his sword to block the frame. In an instant, the sword arms intersected, only to hear a loud noise. Wu Dingyuan’s True Qi poured in, and the blade was smashed. Zhuo Lingzhao looked at the empty hilt of the sword, and his face was pale. At this moment,temperature scanning kiosks, Zhuo Lingzhao resists the enemy empty-handed, but Wu Dingyuan is invincible. It seems that the victory or defeat has been revealed. Wu Dingyuan had no intention of forgiving each other. He shouted, “Chief Escort Qi!”! See me avenge you! Left foot kick, in the middle of Zhuo Lingzhao waist armpit, this foot is as fast as lightning, Rao Zhuo Lingzhao’s martial arts have entered the realm of transformation, but also can’t stop this thunderous flying foot, only to hear a click, Zhuo Ling Zhao’s mouth blood spray,temperature screening kiosk, although he is the four great masters of the contemporary era, but also flesh and blood, and has not practiced the outer door hard skill of King Kong’s indestructible body, but how can he stop the flying kick like iron and steel? In an instant, he was kicked so much that his blood was surging and his face was pale. When the Kunlun disciples saw this, they all screamed.

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