TheReviewGeek Recommends: The Ultimate Collection of Arcade Games

TheReviewGeek Recommends: The Ultimate Collection of Arcade Games (backrooms game)
on July 28, 2022, Jose Arroyo
There are many video games available, and the variety has never been bigger than it is now thanks to home and mobile gaming. In order to discover the “Best of” for any given subject, how do you filter through the clutter? We’re here to assist celebrate and bring attention to some of the most recent, best, and memorable video games.

Our focus this time is on the greatest arcade games ever in our continuing series of articles showcasing the top video games. There are numerous excellent options to whet your appetite, ranging from heart-pumping action games like Pac-Man to fiercely competitive fighting games like Street Fighter II.

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Of course, feel free to leave a comment below if we’ve omitted any of your favorites, and we’ll add them!

Even those who aren’t avid gamers will at least be familiar with Pac-Man. Everyone may play Pac-Man, which is known as Bandai Namco’s famous mascot and which features thrilling and suspenseful gameplay. People who liked playing video games in the 1980s sometimes feel nostalgic when they see Pac-Man and his spectral foes.

This game still performs well in terms of its power pellet and life systems. As ghosts steadily pick more speed to defeat Pac-Man, it makes the game seem simple to play yet challenging to master. This feature of the game gives it its endearing personality and enables players to create tactics while the game is still being played.

It’s a title that, in certain ways, improves one’s cognitive and perceptual talents. The triumph animations are very sweet. It’s satisfying to see Pac-Man chomp across the screen after each success. This is because you’ll get into a heated argument with the ghosts since you’ll often die to them.

Therefore, everyone should play Pac-Man since it is a timeless classic. This arcade game is mostly found at Dave & Busters and similar establishments. So, if you ever come across a Pac-Man machine, think about trying it out.


Second Street Fighter
The all-time best-selling fighting game was formerly Street Fighter II. Sadly, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate just surpassed the game to claim the title. However, for a variety of reasons, many fans of fighting games still consider it to be the finest. Who could blame them given its amazing cast, stunning visuals at the time, and memorable music.

With the intention of defeating their friends and bragging about their accomplishments in front of others, it attracted plenty of people to amusement parks. Famous characters like Chun-Li and Guile were introduced in the game. While the latter went on to have one of the finest character themes ever, the former is most remembered for being the “Queen of Fighting Games.”

These two were the first overseas characters to appear in Street Fighter. It was a wise decision on their part considering how well-liked these characters are in comparison to Ryu. Additionally, the character-themed levels were brimming with personality. Due to the attention to detail the Street Fighter II development team placed into their designs, fans consider them as supplementary characters.

Alien Invaders
Another vintage arcade game that Pac-Man and Space Invaders competed for attention was Space Invaders. Although it hasn’t garnered as much attention as Pac-Man in the current gaming period, this is a game that plenty of people come across at eateries or arcades.

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