Violent fox

As the top internal boxing, Xingyiquan has been gradually perfected by generations of talented martial artists in ancient China, and its control over the body has reached a limit. By perfectly controlling every muscle, every fascia and every bone in the whole body, and constantly adjusting, we can resist and adapt to the influence of all external pressures to the maximum extent. With a sudden step on the ground, Qin Sheng’s body was as fast as lightning, and the whole thing rushed forward like a cheetah. Just did not wait for him to rush out of the distance of 20 meters, two thick pillars of fire suddenly blooming in the blazing heat, like a ferocious fire dragon suddenly jumped out, suddenly appeared in front of Qin Sheng less than one meter, just Qin Sheng’s way forward blocked a tight, leaving only a gap of one and a half meters. A huge heat blow on the face, the rapid progress of Qin Sheng can even feel the hair between his forehead curled up in an instant, the situation is extremely critical, now want to slow down is obviously too late. Qin Sheng’s legs suddenly kicked hard, the whole person turned forward, at the same time stretched out his palm on the ground. Suddenly, his body was completely perpendicular to the ground,Inflatable water park on lake, his hands were close to his thighs, and with the speed of his progress, he could cross the gap between the two pillars of flame. After passing through the attack of two pillars of fire, Qin Sheng’s feet fell back to the ground almost at the same time, without stopping at all, and in an instant, with a more surprising speed,Inflatable meltdown, he ran toward the front. What a strong reaction speed, what a terrible adaptability. The way he used to cross the flames just now was undoubtedly the most appropriate. Is he really not yet fourteen years old? Qin Sheng did not know that all his movements have been completely under the surveillance of the test teacher, to see Qin Sheng so easily through the fire column of the raid, the teacher can not help but praise, shocked by Qin Sheng’s terrible fighting talent. However, this is only the beginning of a small dish, with his current speed of progress, this kilometer is not easy to walk ah, I do not know if he can successfully complete. ” Running all the way, under the strong suppression of all kinds of triggering traps and attacks, unconsciously, Qin Sheng has already forgotten that this is only a test. The whole person has completely entered the fighting state, a strong murderous look, slowly emerged from the body of Qin Sheng. At the moment, Inflatable outdoor park ,Jumping castle with slide, Qin Sheng reversed and moved like lightning. The whole person is like a dexterous ape. Constantly evading the sharp wind blade from all sides like a ghost. It weaves a large net through numerous wind blades with a series of difficult movements. His eyes, bloodshot with excitement, were tightly locked at the end of hundreds of meters away. At this very moment. Qin Sheng’s physical reaction, flexibility and judgment have far exceeded the physical requirements of a junior soldier. Even more than the body of many mid-level fighters. The heart of the Qin resort is like an ancient well. Quiet and profound. The state of the whole person has no desire. It seemed that there was nothing in the world that could cause a wave in his heart. The moment just passing through the huge net of wind blades. On the four walls of the passage, numerous faint black holes suddenly appeared. Pupils suddenly constricted. The ability to perceive keenly. Let the Qin resort feel bad in the heart. Almost instantaneously. The right foot suddenly stepped on the ground. With a loud bang. Qin Sheng burst out with extreme speed. With a whoosh and a howling wind, Qin Sheng’s whole person has appeared 100 meters away. In just a few seconds, Qin Sheng actually rushed out as many as 100 meters, but under ten times the gravity, Qin Sheng has not yet broken away from the firepower coverage. Hundreds of arrow feathers suddenly shot out, cutting through the sky, sending out a shrill scream, almost at the same moment, blocking all the angles that Qin Sheng might avoid. And from within the organs, there is a steady stream of arrows and feathers shooting out, what is more terrible is that with the constant movement of Qin Sheng’s body, those organs are also moving with Qin Sheng. It seems that there is no better way to let Qin Sheng avoid this continuous dense arrow feather. The test teacher can be sure that Qin Sheng can not be able to escape from such a dense arrow feather. But in the next second, there was an incredible light in his eyes! In the long passage, Qin Sheng’s body flashed through most of the arrow feather’s attacks with a series of irregular, but just right, strange movements, and in the course of turning and moving, his palms kept clapping hard on the ground, flying tens of meters across with the help of a powerful counter-shock force, thus breaking away from the attack range of the arrow feather. The test teacher opened his mouth so wide that he could almost put a duck egg in it. Looking at Qin Sheng in the arrow feather with ease through, his head can not help but show the name of “monster”. Ask yourself if you don’t use your fighting spirit, just rely on the quality of your body, I’m afraid it’s very difficult to pass through the thousands of arrow feathers without touching your body. In fact, Qin Sheng is not as relaxed as the surface, he has played all the skills incisively and vividly, even on the earth to learn all kinds of fighting techniques, but also all used out. High-intensity realistic attack, so that Qin Sheng has forgotten that he is in the test field, but in the real battle. Qin Sheng at the moment is completely in a state of excited fighting, at the foot of the tiger wind, the whole person is like a cheetah running on the grassland, powerful and overbearing. Amazing for the ability to predict the danger, so that Qin Sheng in this non-intermittent attack, have not had the slightest pause. 100 meters.. Eighty meters.. Fifty meters.. Thirty meters.. The distance from the exit is getting closer and closer, but Qin Sheng’s heart is not the slightest fluctuation, past life experience let Qin Sheng know, the more seemingly safe time, is the most dangerous time, Qin Sheng has seen many people are at this time because of negligence and loss of life. It may take a few seconds for Qin Sheng to reach the exit. However,inflatable floating water park, it is clear that the test teacher did not intend to let him go so easily, so that Qin Sheng easily passed the test. In order to see where Qin Sheng’s limit is, the test teacher suddenly began to increase the power of gravity step by step when Qin Sheng was the last twenty or thirty meters away from the exit.

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