Ice and Fire Magic

Just as the lizard was startled, the lizard rushed up again. Unfortunately, although it was fast, the lizard completely judged its attack route by virtue of the exquisite analysis of Tianyanxue. It only needed to attack itself and immediately hit it with a palm of its hand by virtue of the strength of its body. But the lizard’s body was also extremely strong, and it was split several times in succession by the ice. Unexpectedly, he was not hurt at all, but kept attacking Nian Bing in anger. Nian Bing also thought about taking out his blade to kill the lizard, but through mental observation, he clearly found that the lizard’s own energy is not very strong, if to deal with such a creature to use a magic knife, is not too ridiculous? The competitive heart rose spontaneously, and Nian Bing’s mental strength increased dramatically, and he was ready to use his new attack method to deal with the lizard. The energy of the eye of heaven was all open, and the lizard had turned into a mass of green energy in his eyes, and in the center of the green energy, there seemed to be a small mass of red. Mental power started at the moment when Nian Bing’s judgment appeared. A faint colorful light shrouded around the body of Nian Bing. The eye of heaven suddenly brightened. The next moment, the lizard flying in midair stopped in an instant. It was forcibly locked by the mental power of Nian Bing. It could not even struggle. Immediately afterwards, the eye of heaven in the middle of the ice eyebrow lit up again, and poof, the lizard had turned into a rain of blood all over the sky. With a wave of his right hand, a little red light in the rain of blood was brought into his hand. It was a small piece of crystal and soft thing. It looked transparent like a gem, but it was not as hard as a gem. Suddenly, there was an impulse to eat blood in his heart. He hardly hesitated too much and threw the small crystal directly into his mouth. Crystal into a warm current into the body of Nian Bing, his body originally full of dead gas after the crystal into the abdomen suddenly came a very comfortable feeling, Nian Bing’s eyes suddenly turned into a red full of evil breath,Low Rpm Electric Motor, full of dead body also lit up a layer of dark red light. Soon, the light faded, and he clearly felt that his strength seemed to have increased again, that his body had moved back to the Dragon God, and that his speed had increased a little. The feeling of devouring blood disappeared, and the brain of Nian Bing turned rapidly. The lizard just now was obviously a creature on the land of God.

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