Pei Tian _ Cang Yue _ txt Novel Paradise

No, no. I was wrong, I was wrong. Zhen Lan understood that his wife could not stand the joke, hurriedly pulled her back to her side, repeatedly apologized, gazed into her eyes, softly, “in fact, as long as it can always be like this.” It’s very happy. Bai Ying’s expression slowed down. Suddenly she lowered her head and said softly, “I think so.” After that sentence, it was silent again. Zhen Lan looked at the woman with her head hanging down and found that her cheeks had a faint blush, just like the shyness of a young girl. At that moment, everything on the white pagoda a hundred years ago suddenly came to her mind, and countless joys and sorrows came to her mind, almost destroying him in an instant. I never thought there would be such a day. Yes, as long as this is good. This is already “happiness”. After the storm, they can finally stay at each other’s side, holding hands and looking at each other, talking and laughing. Although the bottom of my heart do not know whether there is a dark wound that has not healed, I do not know whether there will be regret behind the so-called “happiness”,electronic board for classroom, but such a day is already unimaginable at the beginning. He clenched his wife’s hand and silently looked up at the rippling sky overhead. There, the golden chain that held them together could be seen again. This time, however, Crown Prince Kongsang bent down meekly in the wind like a reed, full of joy, and no longer tried to resist. The so-called fate and the front edge, sometimes, is not a bad thing. He raised his hand and stroked the long hair like snow and frost,smart board touch screen, with a smile in his eyes-her long hair fluttered like water plants in his hand, with a fragrance of rustle. Suddenly, however, I caught a glimpse of a golden trace in the corner of my eye, and I couldn’t help showing a surprised expression: in the middle of the vest, under the cover of her long hair, there was a golden pentagram in her right position. Around the five sharp corners, there are dense spells that are difficult to identify, twisted in swastika patterns, as if they were printed and scattered in violent movements.

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