DR. MRINAL PAHWA Urologist at Sir, Ganga Ram Hospital

Dr. Mrinal Pahwa is a urologist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital located at old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi. He can do many surgeries like robotic laparoscopic and renal transplant surgery. He is one of the Best Urologist in West Delhi. The list of urological procedure he can do is reconstructive surgery, robotic surgery, stone treatment, kidney transplant surgery, urological cancer, female urology, men’s health and infertility. Urological issues can be part of anyone’s life. Whether you are a male or female, consulting a urologist in Ganga Ram Hospital can help you to overcome the prevailing problems. Dr. Mrinal Pahwa is the consultant urologist serving in this hospital, has clinically pioneered several surgical and non-surgical solution for people affected with the urological diseases and disorders. Hence, for a safe, dedicated and positive healthcare solution for male and female urological conditions, consult the urologist in Ganga Ram Hospital located in Karol Bagh & Rajinder Nagar and & discuss Mr. Mrinal Pahwa regarding the most suitable and effective treatment for you. It is needless to say that the privacy for various intimate medical issues in male and female will be thoroughly upheld.

Dr. Mrinal Pahwa- an eminent urologist in Ganga Ram Hospital, is vastly experienced and specialized in Urology and Renal Transplant procedures. He is an ideal choice to deliver high-quality and reliable healthcare for male and female medical conditions pertinent to urology.

Dr. Mrinal Pahwa has conducted over 2000 endourology procedures that include TURBT, TURP, URS, RIRS, PCNL and laparoscopic Uro-oncology procedure pertinent to the kidney, bladder, prostate, ureters, adrenal, and penis. For such a splendid record and achievement he has been included in the renal transplant team of the urologist in Central Delhi

Dr. Mrinal Pahwa is widely recognized and known for his clinical and successful performances in reconstructive surgery, robotic surgery, urological cancer, etc. He listens and comprehends your concerns. Further, he assesses, evaluates and diagnoses your urological problem and then respond with the most appropriate and safe treatment option to cure your problem. The urologist in Ganga Ram Hospital is trusted by a bulk of patients who have been successfully treated and witness his clinical prodigy in urology. Visit-https://www.consulturologist.com/

Mrinal Pahwa

Mrinal Pahwa

Dr. Mrinal Pahwa is a urologist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital located at old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi. He can do many surgeries like robotic, laparoscopic and renal transplant Surgery

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