The 5 most frequently asked questions about breast lift


Sagging breasts are a natural consequence of aging and the degree of severity of sagging will vary depending on each person.

The factors that trigger the process of breast sagging include weight loss as a result of dieting and pregnancy among the main causes, although in some cases early sagging may have already occurred, due to the effects of gravity.

Breast ptosis, which is the medical term for sagging breasts, is a very common condition that can be diagnosed in a variety of stages and degrees, from mild to advanced.

Unfortunately, the breasts are actually an organ that among other things, no amount of exercise is going to be able to improve their shape.

So, if you already suffer from mammary ptosis or if you simply want to improve the shape and appearance of your breasts, then you should go for breast lift surgery in Delhi.

Let’s see what the most frequently asked questions about this surgery are.

What is a mastopexy or breast lift cosmetic surgery?

mastopexy in Delhi, or breast lift as it is more commonly known, is a procedure in which the natural breast is raised to a higher position.

This is generally recommended for patients who are happy with the volume of their breasts and therefore do not wish to have fuller breasts, but instead want a lifted appearance, says the plastic surgeon in Noida.

What does the surgical procedure consist of?

During the procedure, which is performed under general anesthesia, only skin is removed from the breast rather than tissue.

This means that the original breast tissue is reshaped with the aim of producing a more rounded and raised appearance.

The nipple can also be moved to a new position to result in a lifted bust, explains the plastic surgeon in Chandigarh.

How are the scars?

The scars resulting from this type of surgery are more noticeable after a mastopexy in East Delhi, compared to a breast augmentation in Delhi.

Depending on the type of surgery to be performed, which will depend on the degree of fall or sagging:

  • There will be scars around the circumference of the areola, which will then continue in a line down the underside of the breast and then extend either side into the inframammary fold below the bust, in what is known as an anchor scar.
  • Occasionally a mastopexy will result in a lollipop scar which is just a scar around the areola and then down the underside of the bust. This scar usually means that only a small amount of skin was removed.
  • Other scars include the “Donut” shape which is a scar around the areola and the “Crescent” which is a scar just on the upper arch of the areola.
  • Only your plastic surgeon in Delhi will be able to tell you what scar to expect, as it will all depend on how much skin needs to be removed to give you the desired result.

Will I be able to breastfeed after the procedure?

As a general rule, it is not recommended that patients who wish to breastfeed in the future undergo this procedure.

A woman’s ability to breastfeed depends on the mammary gland being connected to the nipple by the mammary ducts, and since the nipple often moves during cosmetic breast lift surgery, it is more than likely that these ducts will be cut and therefore they are no longer connected to the nipple.

It is highly recommended that you have already decided to stop having children if you wish to breastfeed before having this operation for this reason and also to avoid any future revision surgery.

If you become pregnant after undergoing this breast surgery procedure, there is a chance that your breasts will become enlarged and stretched again, returning to a sagging appearance, says the plastic surgeon in Noida.

Is it possible to have a breast augmentation at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to perform both procedures in the same surgical intervention.

Sometimes a breast augmentation alone is not enough to get the desired results, which is why a mastopexy in East Delhi is often suggested as well. There are two different options for performing these procedures.

Performing the procedures together is possible, and is successfully performed in many patients, however, it is also associated with an increased risk of capsular contraction, slightly more problematic scarring, as well as reduced nipple sensitivity.

Your plastic surgeon in East Delhi may suggest a procedure to achieve the results of the combination of both surgeries, in two stages, whose advantage is that the risks mentioned above would be reduced, but this means that you would need two separate operations for a period of about six months.

It is not uncommon for many patients, who initially thought of a combination of both procedures, to decide not to proceed with breast augmentation, as they are happy with the results after breast lift surgery in East Delhi alone.

And finally, the question that all of you ask us…

What is the price of mastopexy?

And unfortunately, the answer is always the same.

We cannot give you a quote for your breast lift surgery in Delhi without you coming to the consultation, since the best plastic surgeon in Delhi will have to talk with you about the goals you want to achieve, as well as perform a physical exam to see the degree of sagging of your breasts. breasts, see if you want a simultaneous increase with the elevation, as well as offering you a series of surgical options that make the budget totally individualized for each patient.

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