Clearing Some Confusion About SEO and Social Media Marketing Strategies


Everyone agrees that the web has evolved and advanced at an enormous rate, which has paved new ways for SEO and Social media marketing strategies to develop and take on an almost organic life form. Yes it’s true that social marketing has officially taken the stage due to its versatile architecture and empowering people to get connected and market their businesses more effectively but that’s not to say that SEO (search engine optimization) should be ignored or taken for granted. SEO and Social media marketing which when combined yields awesome results and has become the new playground for tech-savvy internet marketers and entrepreneurs.


I’ve come across plenty of websites and blogs and it seems that many people have this idea that SEO is dead and the only focus is on social media marketing. It’s true that after reading various articles about using social media as a marketing tool it can be very effective and produce plenty of traffic but if you’re running a website then you shouldn’t forget to keep your focus on both these methods in your marketing arsenal.


How Search Engines Rank Pages and why you need to pay Attention.


When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) it pays to remember how search engines perform their function. Many people seem to forget that Search Engines rank “pages” and NOT “sites”. Understanding this critical point is key, and is highly overlooked when we’re busy optimizing our webpages.


Algorithms get updated regularly which is why it is still important to keep a sharp eye on how we optimize individual pages and for which keywords. Sure “personalized search” is already being employed which gives us even more reason to target our keywords more effectively for maximum results and spider food. You see, social media marketing takes care of building the community side of things whereas SEO is still about crunching and analyzing data, metrics and keywords.


Hocus Pocus, Focus, Focus


The key of combining both SEO and social media marketing lies in precisely targeted campaigns that are tightly focused toward our demographic market. What you want to avoid is honing a perfect social marketing campaign and when the potential new 


customer lands on your page and finds it to be untargeted and off key. The point here is that people have become smarter in using search engines and social networking sites. People have developed “blocks” and “banner blindness” to most marketing techniques which is why it is imperative to adopt an attitude of strong focus towards targeted keyword optimized landing pages, good content and a strong sense of community in building your Tribe.


In conclusion it is advised to master a fine balance between all these methods, you might even want to consider freeing up some time by hiring or outsourcing a social media manager, but if you’re a keen DIY’er then continue pursuing quality articles about using social media as a marketing tool while keeping your eyes on SEO as well. Adopt a healthy attitude towards SEO and social media marketing and learn fast. The web is moving faster than ever before so don’t get left behind.

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