Banarasi Sarees: What’s Trendy Right Now

The Banarasi saree has come a long way, from draping the royal silhouettes to ruling the modern world. One of the most sought-after types of sarees in the nation, noted for their opulence and grandeur. These trending sarees are renowned for their skillfully woven silk, complex brocade-zari work done with gold, and engravings that are in great detail. The historic city of Varanasi has significantly resurrected the handweaving process despite the advances in technology that are currently available to us. The city’s talented craftspeople weave these sarees with exquisite accuracy using gold and silver threads.


Even in the modern era, sarees continue to be very in demand. In the world of silk and sarees, the Banarasi saree still rules. Varanasi has put in a lot of effort to preserve its art and cultural traditions. The Banarasi saree continues to represent grandeur in the contemporary world and for the contemporary woman. In recent times, Banarasi sarees are loved by women who love to drape it daily, for a wedding or even for special occasions. 

Here Are Some Trendy Banarasi Sarees Loved by Women:

  • Pastel Banarasi sarees


Pastel colours are the most calming and energising to the eyes of all the various colour shades. Notably, the pastel Banarasi saree has a more appealing aesthetic and is subtler in character. No matter the event or time of day, pastel Banarasi sarees look fantastic on everyone. In actuality, they are appropriate for all occasions, rituals, and functions. For example, a pastel green Banarasi saree is the ideal preening companion for a wedding or engagement ceremony, while a pastel yellow saree is ideal for the Haldi ceremony. For birthdays and anniversaries, the soft pink Banarasi saree is perfect. In actuality, all of these various hues can be adorned to work and on a regular basis. They provide sophistication and comfort in one.

  • Royal Blue Banarasi sarees


One of the newest hues, blue is associated with royalty, understanding and trust. The Banarasi saree on the other hand is the representation of Indian history, culture and heritage.

For bridesmaids when hunting for the best Indian saree to drape during the wedding celebrations, the combination of these, which is a royal blue Banarasi saree, is one of the greatest options. No matter the wearer’s skin tone, this shade suits everyone and looks timeless. If properly draped, the royal blue Banarasi saree for a wedding can be both cosy and attractive.


  • Red Banarasi sarees 


Red is considered as an epitome of love, togetherness and sophistication. Having said that, red is a timeless and elegant colour that looks good on people of various ages, shapes, and skin tones. The diverse palette is hence the greatest option for traditional rituals like Indian weddings. Additionally, red stands out from other colours with its attractive and alluring vibe in all of its variations and tones. When it comes to traditional attire and celebrations, all these reasons are more than enough to make anyone fall head over heels in love with the colour red.

  • Green Banarasi sarees 


Banarasi sarees come in a wide range of colours, including red, maroon, yellow, and pink. These hues are particularly frequently seen in bridal Banarasi sarees. A green Banarasi saree for a wedding is also the perfect choice for a bride if you’re seeking for a different tint. A woman can look stunning in any hue she chooses, but one of the best options for wedding attire is a green Banarasi saree. Notably, many cultures believe that wearing green on your wedding day is lucky. You can select from many various patterns and designs because the bridal green Banarasi saree comes in a variety of colours. To that end, a green Banarasi saree for a wedding would look perfect on a bride. 

Apart from these shades, Banarasi sarees look flamboyant in every other shade as well. Furthermore, you can find new saree collection in both offline and offline ethnic stores. So, adorn the sarees for any occasion, event or marriage and have an exceptional appearanceIntensify your aura by accessorising with the perfect jewellery pieces.

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