Tips and Ideas to Buy a Perfect Saree For a Special Occasion

The saree, India’s traditional ethnic apparel, is a very popular choice for ceremonial occasions like weddings, sangeet functions, receptions, etc. Sarees come in different types from Banarsi to Kanjivaram, phulkari, silk, bandhani, and the list goes on. Indian women adorn sarees on different ceremonial occasions.

However, always make a point to purchase from a trusted merchant, whose client care works impeccably, who quickly responds to any inquiries and who ideally utilises live chats on their site. It’s additionally important to read surveys about the designer.

But are these sarees easily available in the market? Yes, you can buy designer sarees online India or on the market. When you plan to buy a saree, you must keep certain points in mind to choose the perfect quality and design.

What are these points? How should one select a perfect saree for their friends and family? Let’s have a look at the tips to buy a saree for a special occasion!

  • Keep the occasion in mind

As mentioned, you can wear a saree on different occasions like parties, weddings, sangeet functions, receptions, etc. The first point to remember while buying a saree is the occasion; but why would you need to know the occasion for buying a saree?

Keeping the occasion in mind while purchasing your favourite piece makes it easier to buy a saree. For example, if it is for an evening party,  you can choose dim yet striking shades. You can choose your piece from different categories on the website. The occasion you decide to don a saree will help you narrow your options and select the best for yourself.

  • Morning meetings

Do you wish to wear a saree for a morning event? You must select a saree with embroidery in light colour shades; you can select different shades like green, cream, peach, etc. Wearing a light-coloured embroidered saree will make you feel comfortable at a morning event. 

  • Parties

If it is a party, you must sport a bright and sparkly piece. You can choose from a variety of chiffon or silk sarees with a shiny borders. If it is a festive party, you can choose a saree with a traditional touch to complement the occasion. However, every saree looks good at a party as long as it is styled well. Style your saree with a pair of high heels and light jewellery to look like an absolute diva. 

  • Travelling 

You would want to remain comfortable and at ease, while travelling, wouldn’t you? Choose a saree with small prints or stripes, or buy printed cotton sarees online india that will help you look stylish while being at ease. 

  • Look out for trending styles 

Don’t you want to be the fashion icon of the evening? All of your friends will envy you when you walk in wearing a trending or stylish saree on any occasion. But how do you choose one?

Online saree stores, like Panna Sarees, highlight such latest trends. You can also refer to fashion magazines or models to get a basic idea. Once you understand which styles are trending and how to make them work for you, the ball is always going to be in your court. You can rule the look for any special occasion with your saree. 

  • Choose the colour

The colour of the saree can make or break your look. When you are buying a saree through a store, don’t forget to check the colour of the saree in the sun or natural light. When buying them online, be careful; highly edited pictures on the internet or lights in the shop can misguide you to buy a colour you won’t like later.

Also, choose the colour you will feel confident in. If you always wear light or bright colours, opt for a blouse in a dark shade or a contrasting print. Whereas if you want to carry a dark colour saree on your special occasion, style it with a light colour blouse to create a contrasting look. Make sure that you choose a colour that is not odd for a special occasion. 

  • Pick quality fabric

The fabric should be the most important point on your checklist when buying a saree. While shopping online, you can check the product’s description if you want to buy designer sarees and know what to expect.

Picking a quality fabric becomes important because there are many fake fabrics on sale at the price of the original fabrics. Fake fabrics can be uncomfortable for your skin and can cause unnecessary trouble. For example, while buying a Kanjivaram saree, you must ensure that the fabric is light and easy to carry. 

  • Choose a print of the saree 

You will never be able to get enough of all the different prints available online. You will get leaves, flowers, strips, etc., on a saree with different colour combinations. While choosing the print of the saree, take your height and weight into consideration.

If you want to look tall in a saree, pick a plain colour saree with a heavy border at the end. Pair it with high heels and lightweight jewellery to spice up your look. Similarly, avoid wearing a saree with large prints on it as it takes away the essence of your look. 

  • Look for the brand

Buying a saree can become very easy if you choose the correct brand. But why? A well-established brand will provide you with a quality product at affordable prices. Sarees designed by a reputable designer are sure to be of top-notch quality with unique and authentic designs. You might get into trouble if you buy your sarees via an agent or an unreliable website. Thus, you should look for a brand with the help of customers’ feedback or testimonials on their website.

Check if there are any negative comments under the review section about the brand or the quality of the sarees it sells. If all the feedback is positive or there are no major issues with the sarees of the brand, you can go ahead and choose one from their collection. However, if you see a majority of negative comments, you can also contact some customers to find the reason behind it. 

  • Don’t buy what everyone is buying. 

When you decide to buy designer sarees online, you end up choosing a piece that everyone else is buying. Do not follow trends or fashion blindly, as you might feel uncomfortable in a saree that others are wearing.

Whatever piece of clothing you decide to wear on your special occasion must be crafted with a soft and comfortable material to let you enjoy the evening. However, you must choose a saree that is also stylish and trendy, with beautiful work on it.


If you are confused about what to get when you plan to buy a designer saree online in India, these tips will help you choose the perfect saree for special occasions. Panna Sarees help its customers by guiding them on its website through detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and much more.

You can simply visit their website, select from the different categories of sarees available, and pick one for yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Go to their website and get yourself a saree for a special occasion.

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