Ways to feel sexy in the bedroom

Feeling sexy often has nothing to do with sex. In fact, building your sex confidence shouldn’t even take place in the bedroom. From throwing away your old underwear, finding the right lighting, or taking a yoga class, there are tons of easy (and fun!) ways to feel sexier than ever. Let these ideas get you started.

Treat yourself to sexy lingerie.

Who cares what you wear? The goal is to find styles that make you feel sexy. So while a thong might work for a woman, you might feel cuter (and more comfortable) in boy shorts. If you find a leopard print push-up bra too bold, try a more subtle lace number – it can be just as interesting. Wear sexy dresses; add some sex toys to get more excitement.

Ready part

What you wear before you undress is just as important. For some women, nothing makes them sexier than their favourite pair of jeans, whether they’re “skinny” or not. Others may prefer short skirts or tight dresses. Either way, choose an outfit that shows off your favourite part of the body – we guarantee you’ll never feel too daring.

Turn off the lights

Fluorescent lighting is no one’s friend. We’ve all learned this the hard way in the dressing room of too many department stores. Conversely, the right lighting in your bedroom can make you look and feel like a sex goddess. Fixtures that shine upward are the most flattering, as are low-wattage bulbs and bulbs that have a nice blush tint. We also love dimmers, lamps and candles to set the mood.

Wash it off

There’s something about a slick bare leg that makes us want to be a little frisky. The same can be said for bikini waxes. It looks like a lot of effort, but you can’t wait to get naked!

Take Rest

It’s hard to feel sexy when you’re completely stressed and exhausted. That’s why it’s important to take time for yourself! Ask your husband to babysit while you sleep in on weekdays. Take a yoga class or have a glass of wine with dinner. Mynightmate promise your freedom will thank you.

Get out of your comfort zone

There’s something exciting about living a little dangerous life. Plan a more daring activity than usual, like rock climbing or surfing – anything that gets the adrenaline pumping. Not the sporty type? Try wearing a shorter skirt than usual or a top that shows a little more cleavage. Better yet: Send your partner a sexy text or suggest they watch a spicy movie together.

Add your partner

Ask him to remind you of all the things he finds attractive about you. Knowing what turns him on will help you see yourself through his eyes. Then you can do the same for him.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Just because Jennifer Aniston looks great in a bikini doesn’t mean you have to hide under your t-shirt. Pitting yourself against unflattering body images is a recipe for depression in the bedroom. Look in the mirror and write down what you find sexy. You’ll be surprised how much you actually love your body.

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