Best Practices to Adapt For Laravel Development

Without using web applications, it is rather hard to accomplish a lot of things easily and quickly nowadays. People from all walks of life rely on myriads of web applications for needs like booking tickets, ordering groceries and food, booking a medical check-up, etc. Have you ever wondered how these web apps are made? While there are many platforms that are used for developing feature-rich web applications, a majority of the apps are made with PHP. This server-side scripting language and its derivatives like Laravel are used widely by developers to create stunning, functional web applications.

However, optimizing a Laravel web application is necessary for enhanced speed and functionality. You also need to hire a suitable and veteran laravel web application development company to get such an app developed.

Tips to streamline Laravel app development and obtain the best output

Laravel is, beyond doubt, a very popular PHP framework, and it is used by a lot of developers to make stunning websites and applications. The framework is loved for its advanced feature sets and inbuilt modules that reduce the workload of developers. However, to extract the most out of Laravel, you need to adopt some development measures. These are used by the top laravel website development entities.

  • Using the newest stable version- To ensure you get the best performance from your app based on Laravel, use the latest stable version of the framework. This will ensure you get access to the new features and that the app stays secure at the same time.
  • Using Artisan Command Line Interface– This is one feature that veteran PHP developers love about Laravel. It is modeled on the Symfony Console segment. They make use of the included Artisan CLI to ensure the coding time is reduced and apps are enhanced with handy features. Artisan commands are also used for triggering event-based actions and scheduling tasks. It is also useful for speeding up the development process.
  • Using suitable debugging tools- This is one step no veteran Laravel developer would skip. Laravel ships with a debugging component, but veteran developers prefer using Laravel Debugbar. Some also use browser automation testing tools like Laravel Dusk.
  • Using Eloquent ORM- Again, this is another feature used by veteran Laravel developers. It offers ActiveRecord implementation for easing database management. In Eloquent ORM, each database table is assigned a model. These models are used for streamlining database management.
  • Use of Migrations- Laravel Migrations enables version control for the used database. It enables the team to modify and share the database schema of the application. Migrations are usually paired with the schema builder of Laravel. Using Laravel Migrations to generate a database will lessen the workload compared to the manual method.
  • Picking the right database- While a majority of laravel website development services opt for MySQL, it is not the only option! You can opt for alternatives like MongoDB and Neo4J, based on the project type.
  • Maintaining Coding Standards- Those who have spent a long time in the Laravel development sector say that it is very important to maintain coding standards. Adhering to either the PSR 4 or PSR2 guidelines are recommended in this regard. It depends on the type of the project eventually.
  • Using Plugins Wisely- Laravel scores over competing PHP frameworks owing to the huge number of plug-ins. However, it is prudent that you use only the required number of plug-ins while developing an application. Using too many and unnecessary plug-ins will only lead to slowing down the application.
  • Optimizing images- You may have to use several images in your Laravel website or application. However, too many images can make the website or application sluggish. So, optimize the images well and remove unnecessary ones.
  • Using security protocols– Nobody wants to develop a web app that is insecure in nature, for sure. In recent times, instances of hackers targeting web applications and sites have shot up significantly. If the application security is breached, that may lead to the loss of vital data, and legal repercussions can be there as well. Thankfully, Laravel comes with a number of security features. To ensure these features are utilized, you should hire a veteran laravel framework development professional.
  • Taking backups periodically- Regardless of the size and type of your Laravel project, taking backups at scheduled intervals is a good practice. This will help you safeguard data in case anything goes wrong midway. You will not have to fret about the loss of data or waste of time in the development phase.

Hiring the right Laravel development company

To ensure your company’s web application is developed in the best manner, hiring a suitable and reputed Laravel development agency is recommended. You can either hire a regional agency offering Laravel development or look for offshore agencies offering outsourcing services. However, finding the right agency from numerous contenders is not an easy task. You will have to assess the contenders using some major parameters.

  • First of all, you will have to check the tenure of a Laravel development company and learn about its track record.
  • The clientele of a Laravel development agency must be considered before you sign up for its services. It is better if the agency has worked with clients of varying types, hailing from many sectors.
  • The portfolio of the agency offering Laravel development services is something you just cannot skip checking. In fact, keep some time to evaluate applications made by the agency. Check if the apps are fast, devoid of bugs, laden with features, secure in nature, etc.
  • Before finalizing things with such an agency, ensure you learn about its service and support terms well.

Summing it up

Laravel is a popular and robust PHP framework that is used for making dynamic and feature-rich web applications worldwide. However, you should hire a development agency adhering to the best Laravel development practices for the desired outcome.

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