Discover The Common Issues On Mozilla Thunderbird And Their Solutions

Developed by Mozilla Corporation, Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source and free email client where you can create a free account to send and receive messages. It is basically a desktop-based email application that gives complete control over emails. When you install Thunderbird, you can consider various add-ons to customize your email service. Though it is an advanced email service, common issues tend to occur with the email service. Below are the common issues with their solution!

Cannot delete emails

Many users often find it problematic to delete messages. This happens because of the corrupt trash folder. To resolve this issue, follow the below steps.
• Open the profile folder and select Help. Then click on Troubleshooting information
• At the troubleshooting information tab, press Open Folder button under the Application Basics section.
• A window will show up with a list of profile files
• Close your app
• In the File Manager, open the Mail Folder
• Open the folder by using the incoming mail server name
• Choose Trash and trash all msf files
• Restart Thunderbird
• That’s it

Unable to send email messages

When you are unable to send emails from your email account, there are two causes behind it- inappropriate Thunderbird settings and Blocked Port 25 by ISP. To resolve this issue, you can do many things.

• Configure Thunderbird settings
• Try using alternative TCP Port 2525 for SMTP server.

Cannot receive messages

If your account fails to receive messages, you need to check if your account is configured properly. Below are the steps to check Account Settings.
• Select Tools, and click Account Settings
• From the list that appears on the lift panel, select Server Settings
• Now you will see configuration settings and confirm the connection to the incoming mail server.
• The email account will provide you with connection info about servers.
• Check if you have started to receive messages.

Thunderbird Closes all of a sudden

This is a common issue faced by email users. This usually happens when the application crashes. Meanwhile, Mozilla Crash Reporter appears, asking you if you like to “Send your crash info to email service for processing. The best way to fix the issue is to post-crash report ID or attaches a stack trace on the forum. In case you fail to resolve the issue with the given solution, you can get in touch with Mozilla Thunderbird Support Number.

Closing notes

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