How to fix Mozilla Thunderbird not working issue?

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the most reliable email services. This open-source and free email platform is the top choice for businesses to communicate and exchange data. Even though Mozilla Thunderbird is a popular email service, it also does not devoid of technical errors. A range of technical issues occurs with the email service, while email not working is the most common one. In this article, we will share various methods to fix Mozilla Thunderbird email not working issue. Let’s start!

Check your internet connection

When you find your email service is not working, the very first you need to do is check your internet connection. At times, the email service stops working because of bad internet connectivity. Before you move to the other methods, you need to be assured that your internet connection is functioning properly.

Check your server space

At times, the server space appears full, which may not allow you to send or receive emails. In that case, you can delete emails and save them somewhere else to save space. Then refresh your email account and see if it is working.

Use a different device or location.

Your email is not working because of some issue with your device. You can change your device and then try. Or you can try changing your location with the below steps.
• Go to “Settings
• Then click on Privacy and Security
• Choose “Default Location
• Finally, enter different location in the default location bar. Click on OK

Check SMTP settings

SMTP, or simple mail transfer protocol, plays a key role in sharing emails. This server collects the mail you send and forward it to your recipient. If the SMTP settings are not correct, then you will not be able to send emails to anyone. Therefore, go through the settings and correct them.

• Open the Thunderbird application.
• Select Account Settings in the Tools section.
• Click on the (SMTP) outgoing server.
• Match your mail server details with the details shown by the internet browser.
• If you fail to mail settings, search for new mail settings (SMTP).
• Open Thunderbird and opt for Account Settings.
• Verify your username and password, followed by your email address.
• Ensure you’re using the correct SMTP server for your email address.
• That’s it

Reinstall Thunderbird

If any of the method does not work, you should finally reinstall your Thunderbird application. But before doing it, make sure you backup your profile folder to another location.


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