Ruijie Networks Wi-Fi 6 serves the world’s largest single venue

In 2018, China National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) started the transformation and upgrading of the overall wireless network, adopting Ruijie scenario based intelligent venue solutions, and withstood the test of holding large-scale exhibitions in 2019, including the Second China International Import Expo, Shanghai International Auto Show, etc. According to different application environments and audience density, high-quality Wi-Fi coverage will be presented throughout the venue to meet the network access needs of spectators, exhibitors and media, present a smooth and user-friendly experience, and create a new generation of “smart venues”.

The “pain” of using wireless networks in venues that can accommodate 10000 people

China National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) (hereinafter referred to as China National Convention and Exhibition Center) is the largest single building and convention and exhibition complex in the world, with a total floor area of 1.47 million square meters, integrating exhibition, conference, activity, commerce, office, hotel and other forms of business. The main building is like a four leaf clover, stretching gracefully, and is used to hold exhibitions for more than 10000 people every year.

During the exhibition, the wireless network in the venue is required to meet the needs of many participants for information access, interaction, download, live broadcast, etc. The simultaneous use of tens of thousands of people means that the wireless network must be “deployed with high density, high concurrency and high bandwidth”.

At the same time, the diversity of venue functions has also generated diversified demands for wireless networks. Simple high-power wireless signal coverage is not enough to meet the requirements of high-density access in the real world. At the same time, deploying a large number of access points at any cost will also cause signal interference and conflict between access points, and ultimately affect users’ actual network experience.

In addition to the wireless application in the exhibition hall area, the meeting quality also depends on meeting the special network needs of business negotiation places such as inter exhibition hall channels, business area channels and login halls. The complex environment of NECC, as well as different user densities and application requirements in different regions, put forward high requirements for the overall design and deployment of wireless networks.

To sum up, NECC has put forward the requirements of “large-scale, high-density and high-quality” for this enterprise network upgrade:

1. Coverage and access: All exhibition halls of CNNIC are required to achieve full network coverage to meet the network demand brought by the ultra-high population density during the exhibition.

2. Configuration and operation: Due to the limited number of network operation team members, large exhibition space and high population density during large conferences, convenient management and configuration of the entire wireless network are required.

3. Network security: In order to avoid network attacks, it is necessary to fully meet the requirements of the competent department, which requires the full support of the equipment manufacturer and the service team.

Good use starts with professional on-site investigation service

As the deployment of Wi-Fi inside the venue requires strict wireless survey, the Ruijie network operator team, together with the R&D team of the wireless product business unit and Shanghai Zhixun Industry Co., Ltd., has carried out a comprehensive site survey, test and point design according to the different requirements of different regions of NECC.

In practical applications, the quality of wireless networks is directly determined by channel conflicts, access point switched traffic, and even the rate of access switches. Therefore, in the deployment of intelligent venue solutions, our engineering team has carried out many on-site investigations, designs and tests, and selected specific ap for different application scenarios of NECC.

In addition, the implementation team also provided visitor flow analysis, exhibitors’ report customization and other services to meet the business needs of the National Convention and Exhibition Center, which was affirmed.

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