5 European Countries with the Worst Cuisine You Should Avoid in 2023

If you’re planning a trip to Europe in 2023, there are some countries you might want to avoid if you’re a food lover. Here are 5 European countries with the worst cuisine, according to some very unhappy travelers.

France – known for its snails and frog’s legs, the cuisine is not for everyone.

When it comes to European countries with the worst cuisines, France is not one to miss from the list. From snails to frog’s legs, these ingredients aren’t for everyone and are definitely a unique European delicacy. Despite its experimental dishes, French cuisine has always been associated with fine dining and exquisite flavors, including the popular escargot smothered in rich garlic butter and frog’s legs lightly dusted in seasonings. Depending on your taste palette, cuisine in France can either be an acquired taste or an unforgettable experience you’ll never forget.

Italy – full of greasy pasta dishes and pizza that will leave you feeling sick.

Do not let the European charm of Italy fool you; it isn’t all about fancy cafés and gardens! Italy is infamous for its greasy pasta dishes and rich pizzas that are enough to satiate even the most experienced gastro-tourist. Unfortunately, these fast food delights almost always result in an inevitable feeling of sickness afterwards; earning it a top spot in European Countries with the Worst Cuisine. So while Italy may be gorgeous to visit and explore, it’s probably a good idea to stay away from the local fare!

Spain – all about fried foods and heavy stews that can be hard to stomach.

Spain may be European, but it definitely isn’t European cuisine at its finest. People visiting Spain will find themselves dealing with an onslaught of fried foods, heavy stews and other dishes that can often be difficult to stomach. It’s no surprise then that Spain has found itself on the list of European Countries with the Worst Cuisine. If you can look past the fried seafood and slow-cooked stews, there are still plenty of delicious dishes worth trying in Spain – from paella to patatas bravas – but do come prepared for an adventure in eating!

Greece – lots of lamb and goat dishes that can be too gamey for some people.

Greece is often considered one of the European countries with the worst cuisine due to its frequent use of lamb and goat dishes that may be too gamey for some people’s taste. However, this does not take away from the beauty of Greece and its unique flavors. From mouthwatering moussaka to succulent seafood recipes, Greece has plenty of dishes for even the most sensitive palates. Even their traditional lamb and goat dishes are cooked in a way to create an explosion of flavor profiles – a bite you’ll never forget! So although it may be one of European countries with the worst cuisine, there is still something delicious in store when it comes to dining on Greek fare.

Portugal – sardines are a popular dish, but they can be very smelly.

Portugal is unique in European cuisine for a number of reasons, and sardines are one example. While not everyone finds them appealing due to their potent smell, they’re surprisingly popular and incredibly tasty when prepared well. As a European country with some of the worst cuisine in the world, Portugal stands out from the crowd, showing that even a seemingly unpalatable dish can become a favorite. Eating sardines is an acquired taste, but it’s definitely worth mastering for anyone wanting to venture beyond European countries with worse food options.


Despite what some people may think, the food in these countries is not all that bad. Yes, there are some dishes that might not be to everyone’s liking but that’s true of anywhere in the world. The important thing is to keep an open mind and you might just find yourself pleasantly surprised by what you eat on your travels. So don’t let a few bad reviews put you off – get out there and explore for yourself with an ETIAS visa waiver. Who knows, you might just find your new favourite dish!

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