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A company uses a complex system that consists of networking, IAM policies, and multiple three-tier applications. Requirements are still being defined for a new system, so the number of AWS components present in the final design is not known. The DevOps Engineer needs to begin defining AWS resources using AWS CloudFormation to automate and version-control the new infrastructure.
What is the best practice for using CloudFormation to create new environments?

  • A. Create many separate templates for each logical part of the system, and provide the outputs from one to the next using an Amazon EC2 instance running SDK for granular control.
  • B. Create multiple separate templates for each logical part of the system, use cross-stack references in CloudFormation, and maintain several templates in version control.
  • C. Manually construct the networking layer using Amazon VPC and then define all other resources using CloudFormation.
  • D. Create a single template to encompass all resources that are required for the system so there is only one template to version-control.

Answer: B


A DevOps Engineer is launching a new application that will be deployed using Amazon Route 53, an Application Load Balancer, Auto Scaling, and Amazon DynamoDB. One of the key requirements of this launch is that the application must be able to scale to meet a sudden load increase. During periods of low usage, the infrastructure components must scale down to optimize cost.
What steps can the DevOps Engineer take to meet the requirements? (Select TWO.)

  • A. Use AWS Trusted Advisor to submit limit increase requests for the Amazon EC2 instances that will be used by the infrastructure.
  • B. Create an Amazon CloudWatch Events scheduled rule that runs every 5 minutes to track the current use of the Auto Scaling group. If usage has changed, trigger a scale-up event to adjust the capacity. Do the same for DynamoDB read and write capacities.
  • C. Enable Auto Scaling for the DynamoDB tables that are used by the application.
  • D. Determine which Amazon EC2 instance limits need to be raised by leveraging AWS Trusted Advisor, and submit a request to AWS Support to increase those limits.
  • E. Configure the Application Load Balancer to automatically adjust the target group based on the current load.

Answer: C,D


After a recent audit, a company decided to implement a new disaster recovery strategy for Its Amazon S3 data and its MySQL database running on Amazon EC2. Management wants the ability to recover to a secondary AWS Region with an RPO under 5 seconds and a RTO under 1 minute.
Which actions will meet the requirements while MINIMIZING operational overhead? (Select TWO.)

  • A. Set up S3 cross-Region replication with a replication SLA for the S3 buckets where objects are being put.
  • B. Migrate the database to an Amazon Aurora multi-master in the primary and secondary Regions.
  • C. Modify the application to write to both Regions at the same time when uploading objects to Amazon S3
  • D. Migrate to Amazon Aurora Global Database.
  • E. Migrate the database to Amazon RDS with a read replica in the secondary Region

Answer: A,C



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