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For this question, refer to the Dress4Win case study. Which of the compute services should be migrated as -is and would still be an optimized architecture for performance in the cloud?

  • A. Hadoop/Spark deployed using Cloud Dataproc Regional in High Availability mode
  • B. Web applications deployed using App Engine standard environment
  • C. RabbitMQ deployed using an unmanaged instance group
  • D. Jenkins, monitoring, bastion hosts, security scanners services deployed on custom machine types

Answer: B


An application development team believes their current logging tool will not meet their needs for their new cloud-based product. They want a bettor tool to capture errors and help them analyze their historical log dat a. You want to help them find a solution that meets their needs, what should you do?

  • A. Direct them to download and install the Google StackDriver logging agent.
  • B. Send them a list of online resources about logging best practices.
  • C. Help them upgrade their current tool to take advantage of any new features.
  • D. Help them define their requirements and assess viable logging tools.

Answer: D

Help them define their requirements and assess viable logging tools. They know the requirements and the existing tools’ problems. While it’s true StackDriver Logging and Error Reporting possibly meet all their requirements, there might be other tools also meet their need. They need you to provide expertise to make assessment for new tools, specifically, logging tools that can “capture errors and help them analyze their historical log data”.


A news teed web service has the following code running on Google App Engine. During peak load, users report that they can see news articles they already viewed. What is the most likely cause of this problem?

  • A. The session variable is local to just a single instance.
  • B. The session variable is being overwritten in Cloud Datastore.
  • C. The HTTP Expires header needs to be set to -1 to stop caching.
  • D. The URL of the API needs to be modified to prevent caching.

Answer: A



For this question, refer to the JencoMart case study
A few days after JencoMart migrates the user credentials database to Google Cloud Platform and shuts down the old server, the new database server stops responding to SSH connections. It is still serving database requests to the application servers correctly. What three steps should you take to diagnose the problem?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Check inbound firewall rules for the network the machine is connected to.
  • B. Print the Serial Console output for the instance for troubleshooting, activate the interactive console, and investigate.
  • C. Take a snapshot of the disk and connect to a new machine to investigate.
  • D. Delete the virtual machine (VM) and disks and create a new one.
  • E. Connect the machine to another network with very simple firewall rules and investigate.
  • F. Delete the instance, attach the disk to a new VM, and investigate.

Answer: A,B,C

Explanation D: Handling “Unable to connect on port 22” error message Possible causes include:
There is no firewall rule allowing SSH access on the port. SSH access on port 22 is enabled on all Compute Engine instances by default. If you have disabled access, SSH from the Browser will not work. If you run sshd on a port other than 22, you need to enable the access to that port with a custom firewall rule.
The firewall rule allowing SSH access is enabled, but is not configured to allow connections from GCP Console services. Source IP addresses for browser-based SSH sessions are dynamically allocated by GCP Console and can vary from session to session.
F: Handling “Could not connect, retrying…” error
You can verify that the daemon is running by navigating to the serial console output page and looking for output lines prefixed with the accounts-from-metadata: string. If you are using a standard image but you do not see these output prefixes in the serial console output, the daemon might be stopped. Reboot the instance to restart the daemon.



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