TB500 can help strengthen the immune system

Learn about another peptide that can help strengthen the immune system. Introduce TB500. Let’s learn more today.

What is TB500?

TB500 is a hormone secreted by the thymus. The main function of this hormone is to stimulate the production of T cells, which are an important part of the immune system.

TB500 also helps your body develop B cells and plasma cells that produce antibodies. The main form of TB500, TB500. It is considered to be a member of a highly conservative actin monomer isolation protein family.

In addition to being an important actin isolating molecule, TB500 Beta 4 also plays an important role in tissue repair

Content and effectiveness

TB500 is provided in a 5mL vial with a 3000 mcg/mL subcutaneous injection.

Recommended dosage

TB500 The recommended dose of 4 is 0.25mL subcutaneous injection every day for 20 consecutive days.

Clinical study of TB500

Isolation of human TB500 from peripheral blood leukocyte cDNA library of patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia β 4.

The clone contains the complete coding sequence of TB50043 amino acid residues. It also has a start codon and two stop codons.

The amino acid and nucleotide sequences of the coding region are conserved between rat and human. Then, 9 of 132 nucleotides have different coding sequences, and the homology is 93%.

However, the deduced amino acid sequences are identical. No signal peptide was found in the deduced protein sequence.

Human TB500 mRNA is about 830 nucleotides long, which is about 30 nucleotides larger than rat TB500 mRNA. We also studied human TB500 gene expression in various primary myeloid and lymphoid malignant cells and a few artificial blood cell lines.

Northern blot analysis of B lymphocytes from different tumors showed that the state level of TB500 changed with different stages.

TB500 The expression of 4 mrna in mature granulocytes was higher than that in immature mother cells.

THP-1 cell therapy, a human monocyte line with recombinant human interferon lambda, reduces TB500 mRNA level.

The level of THP-1 cells decreased after differentiation into la+macrophages, while that of HL-60 cells increased after differentiation into la macrophages.

TB500- β The expression pattern of 4 gene indicates that it may play an important role in human defense mechanism.

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