Days of Our Lives cast 2022: New, leaving, and returning characters

Days of Our Lives has it all: love triangles and murder mysteries, as well as encounters with death.

Many questions remained unanswered after the 57th episode of DAYS, including what cast members will be returning and leaving for season 58.

Who’s leaving Days of Our Lives

Joey Johnson

Joey Johnson was cleared of all charges in relation to the alleged death of Ava Vitali. This was his half-brother Tripp, who was having an affair with her mother.

Joey was released after Ava was shown to be well and was able to start a new life in Seattle.

Joey returned home to Salem after Kayla Brady became ill as a result of Orpheus’ treachery. Kayla was believed near the end of her life.

Orpheus’ plans of Kayla fell apart and Joey was able to return home to Seattle while his mother recuperated from the near-fatal experience.

Abigail Deveraux

Abigail Deveraux was attacked and stabbed by an unidentified assailant, leaving her to die on June 13, 2022.

Marci Miller, Emmy-nominated actress played Abigail. DAYS descended in a murder mystery storyline.

Salem’s denizens were able to put an end the homicide investigation after Abigail was found dead.

An episode aired on Thursday September 29 featured her husband Chad DiMera visiting her grave.


Abigail is reunited with her husband and Jennifer Horton to have a final conversation.

Chad and she have one final conversation.

Who will return?

Ciara Brady

Season 57 ended with Ciara Brady and Ben Weston’s newborn. They escaped the possession of the devil and started a new life together in Montreal, Canada.

Victoria Konefal (Ciara) confirmed that her character’s departure from DAYS was final when she left.

But, fans were able to spot Victoria along with the rest season 58 cast in Los Angeles on Saturday, November 12 for a show-related event.

Attendees were able get a glimpse of what was to come in season 1958 – the footage apparently included new scenes with Ciara.

Viewers were also able to see that Victoria posted images of herself on Instagram, seemingly teasing Ciara’s return. Her hair and makeup was still in progress.

Hope and Bo Brady

The same event also led to rumors about Ciara’s parents Hope Brady & Bo Brady returning home.

Hope’s actress Kristian Afonso had insisted that she was finished with the series in 2020. Fans were therefore surprised when Peter Reckell, Bo’s actor, confirmed they will be back for season.

Kristian and Peter shared their behind-the-scenes video after the midseason trailer.

“We thank you for supporting Days of Our Lives and Bo and Hope every day and over all the years.”

Chad DiMera

Chad nearly followed his wife to death as he learned the identity Abigail’s killer.

Chad was targeted by the murderer in an attempt to hide the crime. He managed to avoid strangulation and homicide.

As viewers watched to determine if the assailant was Lucas Horton, Gwen Rizczech or Leo Stark and whether Craig Wesley was correct, they were proved wrong about all the suspects.

Chad almost lost his life by the time Tuesday, September 27,’s episode aired. Chad had already flagged down the true murderer.

Chad was able to live another day, as he brought this criminal to justice.

Clyde Weston

Clyde Weston kept the audience fooled for an entire season.

Abigail was watching as Salem police suspected that other people were involved in the homicide investigation.

Clyde was not suspected as he attempted to kill other DAYS members, including Belle Black, Chad DiMera, and Sonny Kiriakis.

Clyde was identified as Abigail’s killer, after Sonny Kiriakis recalls that the man who stabbed him matched Clyde’s vanilla-flavored perfume.

Chad confronts Clyde after everyone makes the connection between the stabbings. Clyde attempts to silence the former once more.

Chad’s attempts prove futile, as EJ DiMera, Chad’s brother shoots Clyde.

Clyde’s gunshot wound proved to be non-fatal. Fans saw him waiting in a hospital bed for the police.

Gwen Rizczech

Gwen Rizczech’s sister Abigail was the victim in a hit and run accident that took place on Friday, September 30th.

Gwen was admitted to hospital and sleuth speculations about her fate on DAYS ensued.

Gwen was severely injured but she continued to fight for her life.

Gwen Horton’s stepmother Jennifer Horton is the driver behind the hit and run. The big reveal will take place Monday, October 3rd.

Who are the new characters of the future?

Sloan Petersen

Season 57 came to an end and Sloan Petersen was introduced.

As the 58th episode of the series began, viewers were shocked to discover that Sloan was the lawyer who represented Gwen Ricszech (Leo Stark) and Abigail’s murderer Clyde Weston.

Sloan has thus far done damage to Paulina’s bid for governor. She provided the evidence that led Chanel Dupree to be arrested and began an affair.

How can I view DAYS?

DAYS was made exclusively available for Peacock on Monday, September 12th.

On Friday, September 9, NBC aired its final episode of the 57th series and concluded its 50-plus-year run.

On August 3, 2022, it was reported that the platforms had changed.

Although the change between networks received mixed reactions from viewers, Mark Lazarus of NBC Universal stated to Vulture: “This programming shifting benefits both Peacock as well as NBC and is reflective our broader strategy for using our portfolio to maximize reach to strengthen engagement with viewers.

“With a large number of Days of Our Lives viewers watching online, this move will allow us to build our loyal fan base and boost the network’s daytime offerings with an urgent, live programming opportunity.

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