Does Adin Ross have a girlfriend? Here’s what we know

Adin Ross Girlfriend is a controversial streamer, who has created drama on Twitch. His infamous behaviours and questionable friends are not the only things that fans are interested in. Are Adin Ross’s current relationships with anyone?

Adin Ross is dating?

Adin Ross’ girlfriend Pamela Garryoffy is a social media guru and TikTok Star from Dubai. Ross posted an Instagram picture of him and the 21-yearold together in April 2021. The caption simply read “Sprung.”

Pamibaby, who had made the public announcement about their relationship, appeared in many of Ross’ streams. They have shared a kiss on camera and admitted their love. Pamibaby said that Ross was her best friend who she became her “baby” at one point. Ross replied, “She’s my wife.”

Did Adin Ross and Pamibaby split up?

Adin Ross got into some controversy while hosting his online dating show. Many people were puzzled as to why he was going on virtual date with other women. Some wondered if Ross had split with Pamibaby. Ross said to one of his dates that Pamibaby was still with him.

The first rumors emerged when Pamibaby shared some photos of Ross talking with his ex-girlfriend Corina Kopf. Kopf had apparently asked Ross if he would play Fortnite. There was some further interaction. Kopf can also be seen in the same image apologizing for any drama.

Ross and Pamibaby have been open about their relationship for a while, but they prefer to keep it private. Fans have speculated and assumed something might be wrong. However, it seems that the two are still in good spirits and their relationship is strong. Ross stated in a deleted tweet that was streaming a Pamibaby cooking talent show.

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