Sunday, January 23rd, 2022

Another Lockdown, Another Opportunity to Expand Your Business

It is well known that small businesses have suffered a terrible setback due to the impact of the lockdown due to coronavirus. What is more inconvenient for these businesses is the fact that a lot of their customers are lost to the big online businesses who seem to have grown exponentially during this phase. The reason behind all these is not actually the lockdown but the customer behavior which has changed due to the lockdown.

The customers now follow the covid protocols. They avoid standing in queues, visiting crowded places, or prefer staying at home. They want that the goods and services they order reach their doorsteps, completely sanitized and quick. Therefore, it is imperative for small businesses to start their sale online.

One such small business whose sales should be booming during the lockdown is the pharmacy stores. These local pharmacy stores are losing their customers to giant online companies because they fail to bring their business online, despite the fact that the customers would trust their known pharmacies’ goods and products more and that they can provide quick deliveries to their nearby customers.

Given the fact that these businesses can boom if they are digitalized, they should register themselves for online sales with platforms such as SiashMed. Through SiashMed they can list their pharmaceutical goods for online sales and target their local customers. They can offer quicker deliveries than these big online medicine selling companies as their target customers would be in their region and loyal to them. Customers can also chat with the pharmacist they know would assist them right through this platform. Thus, the crux of SiashMed’s operation is based on the trust factor, which is not only beneficial to the customers but also helps the local pharmacy store retain their relationship with their local customers.

Not only this, the platform offers to connect these pharmacy stores with manufacturers which helps them get their stocks at a cheaper rate, which in turn helps them lure the customers with discounts like the big online medicine selling companies.

So I would suggest that small businesses should use this lockdown as an opportunity to grow their business online than regret losing their customers. For the customer always trust the supplies from their known sources especially when it comes to crucial items like medicines. Digitalize your small business today and never miss out on your sales.

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