Kiyomi Uchiha | Sasuke’s Sister, Is It Real

Kiyomi Uchiha, a mysterious character from Naruto Anime Series. She is Sasuke uchiha’s identical twin sister as well as Itachi uchiha’s younger sibling. Kiyomi is an Uchiha kunoichi (female-ninja) who was exiled at her mother’s birth and was reintegrated into her family during her childhood.

The Second Hokage decided that the Uchiha family was to be isolated in their hamlet near Konoha. They became the village’s police officers and military leaders by isolating the Uchiha clan. This isolation has ensured that the Uchiha do not experience exile or banishment. Every case is not the same. Kiyomi however, was said to be exiled from the village during her birth.

Is Kiyomi Uchiha Sasuke’s Sister?

Kiyomi uchiha is believed be the twin sister Sasuke. She also happens to have been Mikoto Uchiha’s third child. After her exile she lived mostly in solitude and isolation. Kiyomi, although she isn’t an expert in Medical Ninjutsu like many female Konoha characters is, is a strong and skilled kunoichi.

She was isolated and trained herself until Orochimaru found out about her. But she distrusted Orochimaru and managed to flee using her skills of a Kunoichi, despite his plans to curse her.

Kiyomi’s intelligence, speed, determination and ability to summon snakes is a testament to her access to Orochimaru Ryuchi cave. She can also fight with blinding speed, reproduces any movement she sees, predicts her opponents’ movements, tracks fast moving objects and is very skilled in physical fighting. But, her self-absorbed nature as well as preoccupation with personal issues can be seen to be a weakness.

Itachi and the Fourth Raikage also engaged her in a battle, pressing them with her speed and Sharingan abilities. It is unknown what the details of their fight were as she is a mysterious character.

KiyomiUchiha is known as a genius in talent. Itachi considers her to be naturally intelligent because she was educated as a child as a shinobi.

Is Kiyomi Uchiha Real?

Unfortunately, KiyomiUchiha is fictional, even though most of her story can be found in part 1 and 2. As an example, she was at the Academy studying and training under Orochimaru. She then fought Haku and gained a reputation for being the deadly Sharingan. This included her battles against the Fourth Raikage and her relationship with Gaara. Then, she faced Itachi in the series’ time skip.

Kiyomi, a character, was created by a Deviantart fan/user who, because there were not enough Uchiha Clan members, liked to make up characters. Kiyomi, a fictional character, is not well-developed and the stories of her abilities aren’t explored fully until the Naruto series.

Is Kiyomi Uchiha related it Itachi?

Itachi Uchiha is related with Kiyomi. She is Itachi’s younger brother, as I mentioned previously. Sasuke and she are twins. Itachi, on the other hand, is their older brother. Kiyomi promised revenge on Itachi, the Akatsuki organisation for her Uchiha bloodline murder.


KiyomiUchiha, a gifted genius who is very much like Sasuke with her talent, has been hailed as a great example of this. She is an intelligent child, just like Itachi, and is well-educated as she was as a shinobi. When she is taking revenge on the Akatsuki after her clan died, she is often focused on her own goals.

Her genius and natural talents are further demonstrated in dangerous situations she frequently found herself in. This made her extremely resourceful, both in combat and on missions. She makes sure she can use every opportunity to her advantage.

Kiyomi’s personality is brighter than that of her twin brother, Sasuke. Kiyomi despite growing up in isolation, and despite her revenge for seeing her clan being massacred, is a cheerful person in the village. Kiyomi even had the same pleasant personality as Obito Uchiha. According to her peers and family, she is a confident person who is driven to achieve her goals.


KiyomiUchiha is a powerful Kunoichi and often gets the upper hand regardless of how many opponents they face. Her brothers and sister were also talented, so she is well-known in Konoha. Despite skipping Academy classes, she graduated in her batch as the best. She was on par with Itachi and Gaara.

Is Kiyomi Uchiha A Real Character?

She is not a character. It was only a fictional character. This is why the stories about her are so vague. Also, her abilities were not revealed until the end of Naruto. It is believed that she was made by Deviantart user. This Deviantart user was fond of creating many Uchiha characters to compensate for the absence of Itachi’s members.

Is Kiyomi Uchiha Alive Or Dead?

The fan-made story she told is not complete. It is however implied that she is still alive, Naruto and other characters being turned into adults by fans who claimed she was involved with the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Is Kiyomi Uchiha In Naruto?

The majority of her story was found in Naruto, both in Parts 1 & 2. Naruto was home to the majority of her story. Here are some highlights from her story in Naruto.

  • Learn and skip classes at the Academy.
  • Fighting Haku before Naruto met him and the rest of the group.
  • You can start training under Orochimaru as a child.
  • Fighting an army made up of ninja gave her the title Kiyomi, the Deadly Sharingan.
  • These were her fights against the Fourth Raikage.
  • Gaara is her partner in crime.
  • Itachi defeated her sometime before the series’ time skip.

Is Kiyomi Uchiha In Boruto?

Boruto had no known scene of Kiyomi Uchiha. However, fans have drawn her with Kakashi, wearing the Konoha flak vest, and even as an adult with Sasuke.


Kiyomi Urchiha was exiled very young for unknown reasons after her clan was murdered. Because of this, she was left to her own devices and trained herself alone until Orochimaru found them a week later. But she lost faith in Orochimaru and he decided to place a cursed sealing on her. Her skills as a Kunoichi allowed her to escape the powerful Orochimaru.

From that point, she distrusted no one and spoke with no one most of the time. After learning about Orochimaru’s plans, she trusted her instincts and made it clear that she will be able to learn the Jutsu on her own. Since she had access to multiple Jutsu with no guidance, it was clear that her genius character and determination for revenge were evident.

She attends the academy but skips classes often because she can train by herself. Naruto and his friends don’t even know her. Because of her talent, she was able pass the Academy and become a Chuunin in Konoha. In order to grow, she began going on missions to study the Akatsuki as well as their motives.

Gaara also met her in her career as an kunoichi during the Konoha Crush episode. The two of them got engaged during a fight that they had when they met on a specific mission. But their fight ended in an icebreaker. These fights led to a close friendship and they would often meet up and communicate with one another. Gaara and Gaara began to fall in love over the years, particularly after the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Itachi and fourth Raikage were also her opponents. She used her blinding speed to press the others and her Sharingan abilities to pressure them. It is not known what the details of their fight were. It was simply stated by fans. The next question will further explain.

Kiyomi Uchiha Episode Appearance

Kiyomi Uchiha never made an appearance. You can still search for her on the Internet if she is a favorite. She is a Uchiha, which was why her appearance attracted so many fans. So, while she may be fan-made, her story is interesting and worth shipping with Gaara.

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