Rare Aspects of Paintings by MF Husain

MF Husain or Maqbool Fida Husain, to date, does not need any introduction. The aesthetes from different parts of the world are inspired by his artwork. Emotions begin to upwell as soon as someone steps in front of a painting made by the artist. Revelations start to unveil when you take a deeper look into his work. Every bit has some insight to be discovered. Every portion reveals something distinguished about his perception of the modern world. Let’s throw light on some distinguished aspects attached to his artwork.

Mirage-Like Illustrations

What appears on the surface is something different reaching the crux of an artwork by Husain. An MF Hussain painting takes an aesthete to the deeper layers of a concept or to say life. Seeing Krishna Leela, one of his popular artworks, superficially appears the divine presence of Lord Krishna with his devotees.

Observing closely would let you realize how carefully painted portions are leading to the emergence of a new image. Such illustrations are observed in several paintings by Husain. Young Ashtavinayaka dancing in the image builds the concept of coexistence. Now, it is up to an observer how far their imagination takes them.

Portrayal of Ganesha

The depiction of Ganesha is different from a traditional exhibit, in the paintings by Maqbool Fida Husain. In the Ashtavinayaka series, Lord Ganesha appeared on a horse which is an unusual interpretation. As he is identified with his mount or ‘vaahan’ mouse, his appearance with the horse goes a step further. He appears in a more distinguished image than a traditional one that is of a naughty and fun-loving child.

Paintings of Ganesha also connect Husain’s artwork with the impressions of his birthplace. Lord Ganesha or Ganpati is commonly venerated by the masses. Capturing his images in colors and canvas is indicative of a reminisce.

Unidentified Images

It is not a mystery but some of his artwork provokes the thoughts of an individual to think beyond convention. The ‘lady with veena’ is a depiction that has the power to stimulate the thoughts of an aesthete. Due to his painting of Krishna Leela, one could identify the lady in the image as Meerabai, a mystic saint from India.

However, the presence of another instrument (Ektara) leads to confusion. Therefore, it could be a lady in a deep meditative state with playing veena that releases mesmerizing sounds.

Reality and Contrast

Some of his artwork puts emphasis on reflection that submits one to reality that could be far more different than expected. Paintings by MF Husain often draw a contrast between two different people, beliefs, or concepts. In his painting Ganga and Yamuna, the contrast appears in terms of the clarity of the water.

His contrasting images merge either two concepts or bring about two different accepted truths of life. Building images of reality and contrast requires attention to detail. Although an artist is free from judgment and acceptance of society many images are associated with reality that are depicted in his artwork.

Impression of Cubism

He has fused bits and pieces in his paintings to create real and unreal characters. His paintings are exemplary of the cubist style that became popular in the 20th century. Each portion can signify a different pattern, concept, person, or idea.

He has represented Indian culture in the cubist style. He has adhered to a modern approach to art to beautify the stories from the past of ancient India. There are various scenes from common and rural life have been revived in his paintings.

To Sum Up

Are you too an aesthete craving for an MF Hussain painting? There are several online art galleries that present an array of delightful artwork by Maqbool Fida Husain. You have to identify the artwork you desire and place a request with these art galleries. Their official teams get in touch with the requisite information to let you decide. Therefore, buying paintings has become more convenient with these art galleries now.

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