Which are the top websites to get Free Mockups?

If you are a designer or someone who is involved in the work of designing a website or any related application can very well understand the value of using a free mockup, but if you are not used to designing or new to this world of graphics then first you need to understand what exactly is a mockup. A mockup is a non functional static design placed in your website showcasing an outstanding visual marketing tool, not used as an active website so it doesn’t have a live functionality. 

What is a Mockup 

It’s a full-size cover and can be used as an image model for any product presentation that communicates about your services with the people you are dealing with.

Using your creative skills, you can create your own mockups by using different tools and techniques and variety of software but there are times when you don’t have time to create a mockup or you don’t have enough skills to portray in that case you will need free mockup designs to save your time energy and to complete your tasks in the given duration.

Here is the list of some best sites where you can get some amazing, professional looking variety of Mockup designs that not only provides you with a numerous template but also give you the access to edit the designs as per your requirements.

Websites where you can get a free mockup

  • Graphizy

Graphizy is a complete pack of tending mockups templates with a great range of ultra-realistic unique designs for free and also paid which you can get at a reasonable price. It is a great place to hunt for such inspiring mockups.

  • House of mockups

It is a group of creative communities where they provide fresh mockups as per the user needs with these inspiring cinematographic designs which you can use to upgrade your mockup requirement and have a full-fledged category wise options.

  • Artboard studio

The best part about artboard studio is you can have your mockups with the access to edit, animate and use it the way you want, it comes with a broad range of creative options which you can only access with the paid version but the with the free options you still have a good number of mockups templates.

  • Graphic burger

Graphic burger is also a friendly place for a variety of free mockups where you can discover the designs you want having a global access also offering psds which is created itself by this website. 


  •  Mockplus

If you need to create an instant mockup for your mobile then you can go for mockplus which provides it for both web and mobile with ready-made designs in the library you can also use different layout features available to make your mockups look interactive and interesting.

  • Behance

Behance is a popular place for designers all over the globe to showcase their art works so you can get quality mockups directly from a professional designer without doing much brainstorming and get a premium look for your work.

  • Smartmockups

If you want your designs to be used in a wide range of products then you can use smartmockups to use the designs for different options by using an easy interface. A quick and hassle free way to meet your requirements. 

As mockups have become an integral part of the designing process by using the above mentioned sites you can get your desired mockups to uplift your brand standards or to make your clients happy.

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