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The lesbians get all kinds of crazy and personal questions asked to them. Some are straight up disgusting and rude but one thing that all these questions have in common is the “mind your own business” factor in them. They are so intrusive that even if asked with an innocent intention, it becomes hard answering them, because of the ignorance.


In this article I will be discussing about 10 such qusetions that one mustn’t ask lesbian couples at all because the answers are obvious.

Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Ask A Lesbian Couple

Here is a list of the top ten things that you definitely should not ask a lesbian couple:

1. Asking them about who the mother is between the two?

It is quite frankly a weird question to ask. They both are in the child’s life and that clearly indicates that both of them are the parents of the child, otherwise they wouldn’t take up the decision of having a child in the first place.


Both mothers are equally responsible for looking after the child’s safety and well-being. They both are equally committed to bringing up the child. 

2. Who is the biological mother?

This is a slighty altered question and in a way it is clinical and correct, but it is rude to pry anyways. In reality, the child may have been adopted or it may be that one of the mothers may have contributed the egg while the other may have carried the baby. The mother may be not in the family as well.


If you ask such a question then they might think that you are questioning the quality of mothering that they are providing their child with.

3. Who was the sperm donor?

Just leave it altogether please. The details of this is very intimate for every lesbian couple, hence they would not say you ofcourse.


It is very obvious that sperm was involved when it comes to pregnancy in a lesbian family, as it is not possible to come from the mothers. This question can be a very touchy subject. Who the sperm donor is none of your business.

4. Who is the man in the relationship?

This is straight up rude but takes the crown among all the other questions that I have mentioned in this article I would say!

The answer is pretty obvious too. There is no “man” in this relationship. The two of them are women if you couldn’t tell. A lesbian couple consists of two women who are in love with each other.


There’s also a reason why this question arises and that is because of the femme-identifying lesbian women who go into relationships with masculine-presenting women. Well, while that is true, but you are missing the point here. A lesbian even if goes into a relationship with a masculine presenting woman, they are still attracted to the female sould, body and mind.


Random Tip: If you come across a crossdressing teen please do not criticize their choices of clothing. Every individual does not have to do everything that is stereotypically expected of them.

5. Why do you hate men?

This is simply unrelated and not true at all. There’s no correlation at all between being a lesbian and hating men. As far as I know they just aren’t attracted to the males on a physical or intimate level. There are many lesbians who have male friends and platonically love them as well and cherish their bonds. 


All in all, being a lesbian has nothing to do with disliking men as human beings. Being a lesbian is about cherishing their bond of love with their female partners and it has nothing to do with hatred towards any other human beings. 

6. Do you have any straight friends in your circle?

This question is heights of stupidity as well, just like the others. Do you go around asking every White person if they have any Black or Asian friends? Do you perhaps go around asking every male if they have female friends?


It is wrong of you to assume that Lesbians only like to associate with other lesbians only. At the end of the day we are all human beings and it is only natural for us to associate with other people.

7. Where is your child from?

Most people ask this question because they automatically think that the child is adopted. I bet the child would feel confused of his sense of belongingness, if a total stranger asked this question to their parents in the presence of them.


Asking this question to a lesbian couple is very intrusive and should be avoided at all costs. There are complicated emotions and processes involved in all these matters which do not need prying eyes of strangers, any further.

8. Have you ever tried being with a man?

Why should it matter anyways? Asking this question makes it seem like you are saying their relationship is in the wrong and they should rather try going for a relationship with a man.


It is widely believed that same-sex attraction is a choice, which it isn’t in reality. A woman does not forcefully have to be in a relationship with a man to determine that they are just attracted to women. As a person reaches sexual maturation and puberty, their sexuality gets developed in this phase. 

9. Whose name did you write under the “Father” section in your child’s birth certificate?

As many regions of the world do not offer birth certificates that are neutral, this question can have a very complex answer which you won’t be able to understand anyways, or it might be that they won’t like answering this question as this is afterall a thing that can jeopardize their privacy.


Hence, you should never ask this to a lesbian couple as well. Being a lesbian mom already ain’t easy in this world. They don’t need more problems to add on top of that as well.

10. Won’t your child miss out on “Dad activities”?

Let me take a guess what these “Dad Activities” entail – playing football, learning to ride a bike, well they are only just stereotypical things that people believed can only be taught by male gender. That is not true at all. The moms of a lesbian couple can just as well teach a child such things.

To Wrap It Up!

Please take note of the above listed questions and do the favour of not asking them to Lesbian couples. It is all for the greater good I promise. 


Thank you for reading up till here. I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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