September 24, 2023

Ten years of beautiful clothes

Several generals of the Western Liao Dynasty, from Zhu Yan to the later “Black Fox”, Yue Heng and Qin yuan, were damaged one by one. King Anle, who was reactivated by Emperor Kaiping, is now in a state of waiting for death. After that, when the Great Chu Army entered the territory of Western Liao, it met with little decent resistance. Emperor Kaiping later sent several generals, or one or two of them had some small talents, but all of them were targeted by Emperor Kaiping, who had the “lesson from the past” of King Anle. No matter what battle plans they had, they needed to report them in advance, and they could not act until they had a reply. It’s not a wolf, but when it’s collared, it’s more like a dog-how can such an army be my opponent. There were also more intelligent Western Liao generals who thought of threatening me with snowsuits to step back. But I answered with a smile: Xiao Rou is the son of the Xiao family. The sons and daughters of the Xiao family have been heroes for generations. Even if they are men, it is natural for them to die for their country. The pace of attack has not been slightly delayed, but the offensive is more crazy and intense. I want to let them see my reaction after being threatened and provoked. In my heart, although I worry about the safety of the snowsuit day and night, I dare not let the other party see his weight in my heart. Once I let others know that the snowsuit is my death point, then I can no longer save him. Only when the enemy is beaten more severely, they dare not move the snowsuit,inflatable water slide, and even have to protect the snowsuit in order to leave a way out for themselves. In this world, men are originally women’s vassals, I say so, is the most reasonable response. Who will believe that a general with great military exploits will stop the pace of a team for the sake of his children’s love, and who will believe that a family will give up the glory of loyalty for the sake of a man’s life? The people I sent to the capital to place around Dejun’s father’s family and the ten princes also sent me a message that Xueyi was under house arrest in the palace. Although he was not free, his life was safe and he was not abused. I just feel a little at ease. Later, as expected, no one dared to threaten me with a snowsuit. Without this layer of concern,Inflatable 5k obstacle, I naturally do not need to be polite any more. In four and a half months, twenty-one cities were broken, and now the Liao capital was threatened. Emperor Kaiping had to offer the head of his general to sue for peace. I have experienced many days and nights of suffering, everyone knows, now, who dares to say that this is just my luck?

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