Tips to keep in mind after having laser hair removal treatment

Are you fed up with regular parlor sessions for waxing, threading, or another kind of hair removal? Here is the permanent solution! Laser hair removal treatment for your unwanted hair for the elimination of which you spend hundred of rupees in the parlor. In recent times, the cosmetology industry has involved new techniques and treatments to address your issues to make you feel more confident and lively in your skin. Due to medical advancements, you can now avoid or overcome common skin issues such as pimples, acne scars, hair removal, skin tightening, etc., through proper skin treatments. You can also avail Skin lightening in Vizag treatment to lighten your skin tone.

Want to know what exactly is laser hair removal treatment?

Under this treatment, with the help of a laser machine beam of light is transferred to the required area to remove unwanted hair. Heat energy is used to permanently target hair follicles to stop hair growth in that area. This treatment can suit mainly all kinds of hair or skin types. Laser hair removal in Vizag is one of the popular destinations for beauty treatment.

Why should we go for laser hair removal treatment?

  • Less-time-consuming

Laser hair removal is a time-saving method. There can be multiple sessions of a few minutes.

  • Little painful

It may give slight pain for a few seconds, but compared to other hair removal methods, it is less painful and irritating.

  • Precise

The laser hair removal technique is very precise in working. It can be an excellent choice to remove hair from small body parts such as eyebrows, nose, upper heads, etc.

  • Prevention of ingrown hairs

This treatment is beneficial if you want to prevent ingrown hairs, which other hair removal methods cause.

  • Long-term solution

It can last a few months or years and permanently reduce unwanted hair growth.

Essential tips to know after your laser hair removal treatment

  • Avoid harsh creams

Don’t use any intense cream for at least 4-5 days after treatment, which can lead to side effects on your skin.

  • Stay away from deodorants

To avoid irritation on the skin, one must prevent deodorants for a minimum of 3 days.

  • Avoid sun exposure

Save yourself from exposure to sunlight as much as possible as it can react on your lasered skin and make it look dark.

  • Use sunscreen

Whenever you come out, you must apply sunscreen as it can prevent your skin from coming in direct contact with sunlight.

  • Do not take hot showers

Avoid taking hot showers or baths for at least 48 hours after the treatment to prevent any ill-effect.

  • Do not wax your lasered skin

Waxing skin between laser sessions can affect the desirable result of the treatment.

  • Avoid bleaching

It can negatively affect if you try to bleach your treated skin.

  • Use anti-inflammatory creams

It is helpful to use anti-inflammatory creams on treated parts of your body to soothe the skin.

Final Note

If you want the best and most affordable laser hair removal treatment or for any query regarding your skin treatment, you can contact VJ’s cosmetology clinic in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. With state-of-the-art and advanced technology, it provides skin treatments at a reasonable cost through its well-expertise faculty. Hurry up! Please book your appointment now to consult our expert.

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