Why Is Botox The Perfect Cosmetic Solution?

How often have you looked in the mirror and wished that wrinkles and fine lines weren’t there? Every day, right?

Not to worry, now you can look vitalized with smooth skin in just a few minutes. Wrinkle relaxers like Botox injections prevent signs of premature aging and keep the skin plump, smooth, and crease-free. 

What is Botox?


Botox is a protein injectable approved by the FDA in 2002. It is currently the top noninvasive medical procedure performed in the United States. 

How does it work?

Botox is a leader in cosmetic injectables and gives artistic natural-looking results. But how? 

The answer to that lies in the science behind it. Botox is derived from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum and functions as a neuromodulator, freezing the targeted facial muscles by blocking nerve signals that control expressions. It causes temporary paralysis, reducing the ability of the concerned facial muscle to have free movement. It diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that develop as a result of repeated facial expressions. 

What are the common areas where Botox gets injected? 

The areas that Botox was approved to treat have expanded throughout the years. It has grown to include many cosmetic treatment areas and rectify the problems, such as the following:

  • Forehead lines- The forehead is an area that tends to wrinkle even when you are young. Botox smooths out these forehead lines and leaves you looking refreshed and rejuvenated. 
  • Glabella lines- Also known as the frown lines that form between the eyebrows, glabella lines can often make you look angry. With the help of Botox, these deep wrinkles disappear, and the area appears relaxed. 
  • Around the eyes- Botox can help remove the lines around the eyes which appear when your smile or squint. 
  • Lines around the mouth- Botox is used to treat the smoker’s lines on the upper lip, which is a sure sign of aging. 
  • Chin- Botox helps in removing the texture and dimpling of chin wrinkles. 

What is the procedure? 

Botox is generally a painless procedure with no downtime. First, the patient’s medical and cosmetic history gets reviewed to look for any problems. Then, the dermatologist examines the patient to detect the areas that require treatment. Patients sensitive to needles are given a numbing cream for 30 minutes before botox. 

How long does it take for Botox to work? 

Botox injections take a few days before they start to work, but the full effect takes up to two weeks. 

Are there any side effects? 

Botox has negligible side effects like swelling or bruising in the treatment area, and the treatment is safe. Patients having allergies to any of the ingredients in Botox should avoid getting the treatment. 

Botox in NYC

Botox treatment should be taken from a clinic having board-certified dermatologists. For instance, Limoges Beauty is well-known for providing cosmetic treatments such as Botox in NYC. If you are frustrated with the appearance of your frown lines, chin dimple, or neck creases, this is your go-to place to rectify all your skin problems.

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