4 Popular Vape Juice Flavors at the Moment

Instead of a few substances, vapes include many other elements, including vape e-liquid and a battery to operate the device. Most importantly flavours that are used in Aroma king 7000 vapes make the vape device work, without the flavour the vaping isn’t complete. Both types of vape devices are disposable vapes as well as reusable ones.

Hence understanding the significance of the vape flavour, you don’t want to make the mistake of choosing the wrong flavour. As this has keen importance that one select the right flavour for itself. There isn’t really the best flavour because if you like a flavour it might be unfavourable for others. Therefore the one you prefer is the one that is most suitable for you.

Although four of the most common flavour that is getting popular these days. These flavours are becoming famous due to their unique and awesome flavour. They all are worth trying due to their tasteful flavour and until you give a flavour a chance how would you know whether a flavour is good or not. So let’s know what are those flavours, the details are given below.

Anchor1- Tobacco

Tobacco is one of the conventional flavours that are used most often by r and m tornado 8000 vapers. Especially the users who have turned recently from smoking to r and m tornado vape prefer this flavour. As this gives the same flavour as the original tobacco so the ones who have been enjoying smoking for a long time, really like this flavour. This flavour can be utilised with both types of vapes, disposable vapes as well as reusable ones.

Vaping is safer than smoking so notably having tobacco flavour is better than consuming real tobacco. This is because vapes work using liquid and don’t contain tobacco. While cigarettes have the solid form of tobacco which is in its natural state that gets burns and changes into smoke.

Anchor2- Menthol:

Menthol is also a very admired flavour because of the feel it provides. it gives a refreshing sense of cold breath. People are utilising it more and more these days because it is one of the flavours which gives a very pleasant taste.

Furthermore, It is observed that many few people dislike it because it has seemed that it doesn’t include people’s disapproval due to specific disliked tastes and allergies that some people have. It is a flavour that comes with both vapes, including disposable vapes as well.

3- Strawberry:

As it’s a fruitful taste of fresh strawberries this flavour never disappoints. It is a common fruit flavour but still loved by alot of people, especially the ones who like to have real strawberry fruit. If you’re one of those you must try this one.

Having that being mentioned, please do remember this isn’t real strawberry but the flavour that includes other elements as well such as PG and VG ratios, and also most likely nicotine (optional, may or not contain depending on preference). It is important to mention here that using disposable vapes doesn’t provide any option to customise the flavour since they come prefilled with flavours.

Anchor4- Lemonade:

It is the flavour which is very preferable in this summer season. The taste of real lemons makes the flavour more pleasing in the hot weather. The similar feel of lemons can allow one to completely enjoy the refreshing taste. If you’re seeking a flavour for giving you relief from warm weather then nothing is better than this flavour.


One of the most exciting things about vapes is their choice of flavours. Unlike traditional cigarettes, they contain e-liquid which delivers a better taste than flavoured cigarettes. This is because of several reasons but here in this blog, it is discussed what flavours are the best to choose, so let’s keep it to that.

Having that mentioned, once you know how important the flavours are in the vaping process, you need to select the right flavour for yourself. Whether you use disposable vapes or reusable ones you must choose excellent flavours to have a good vaping experience.

However, there aren’t any best flavours except the most suitable flavours for yourself. Still, it can help you make a decision by looking at the trending flavours, so four of the most popular flavours are listed above. Make sure you give those a try since without trying how would you know which are the best ones for you.

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