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Digitizing the qualities or features of any building structure is done through the technique of Building Information Modeling. The goal of BIM and CAD drafting is to build information database on a facility so that the entire construction process, from planning to demolition may be carried out using accurate data.

BIM Architect utilizes the Building information modeling and makes use of a dynamic, live, 3D model of the facility to enhance the effectiveness of the construction process. It helps to create synchronization across the various building design, construction, and administration departments. It is important to note that various facility-building departments frequently upload information to the BIM database, keeping it current.

Building information modeling uses 3D technology to produce a model of a building

BIM is generally an excellent tool for planning, designing, developing, and managing building, facility, or plant projects. Because of this, the process continues during the project lifecycle. The main benefit of the entire process is that digitally capturing the facility’s characteristics, helps create extremely efficient and affordable solutions.

Engineering Consultants Egypt works with specialized people to improve performance and create documentation of the entire process, this further aids in comprehending the construction process. Building information modeling also helps to eliminate problems brought on by data duplication, data loss, inadequate communication, or inaccurate translation.

It is understood that the BIM approach is used throughout the whole construction process and demolition of the facility. It is important to note that the BIM process’s existence is very important because it provides improved visualization productivity by giving information in a clear and simple manner.

Important information is synchronized, including suppliers, material specifications, geographical information, and estimates. Organizations are hesitant to use the BIM process, despite the fact that it is a perfect way to reduce waste and inefficiency in building design and construction. This is mostly because they are still looking for specific evidence of ROIs.

However, it is also true that many businesses are focusing on building information modeling because it is simple to exchange and is based on an open standard in the long-term construction process.

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2-the utilize Building Information Modeling for the aforementioned reasons like they want to change with the times and have access to a wide range of software programs, so they can meet the demands of contemporary design and detailing. To meet the needs of every client, 2-the offer and accepts file formats that are currently with guidelines in a variety of formats.

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