Commercial Glass Replacement or Repair: Which is Better?

Are you running a business and caught in between replacing or repairing your glass that has been compromised? This post contains valuable information that will help you choose the best solution.

Okay, so you need to check out what actually is wrong in your commercial glass first before deciding what path to take. Another important consideration is cost – what’s the replacement price to repair? Knowing this will equally help you make an informed decision. 

When expertly fitted and maintained in its service life, it is typical for commercial glass to last a long time. But just like with every business place fixture, certain factors can put your commercial glass in danger. Some of these are:

  • Extreme weather conditions: cold or heat
  • Fitting glass made from poor quality or faulty materials
  • Poor glass maintenance procedure
  • Heat problems or poor U-factor following climatic conditions

Does your commercial glass need repair?

Repairing commercial glass frame

Yes, for the slight issues it needs to repair. You should fix the commercial glass if it has little dent or damage, opening and closing problems, cracked caulking, and many other little headaches. 

When you begin to see these less severe problems, you need the help of an expert in commercial window glass repair to look at the little defects and proffer a solution on time.

Naturally, fixing a window with low-degree damage is less expensive than replacing it. But you need to know that a glazier will charge you for glass repair by considering:

  • Window type
  • The type of window defect
  • The material to be used for repair or replacement

Do you need to replace the commercial glass?

Yes. This is needed when your commercial glass is beginning to have any of the following issues:

  • Foggy glass or leakage

If your glass is no longer clear (foggy) or lets out water, it may be time to replace them.

  • Damaged seal

This type of damage cannot be reversed. It happens due to extreme temperatures or other factors. Window seals break due to condensation from the building up of fog. Regular occurrence of fog will cause expansion and contraction of damp seals. The seal gets dried up and is no more functional.

Please note that glass seals cannot be separated from the panes, and as such, a viable solution is to have the complete window replaced. Simply, you need to replace a window with damaged seals.

  • Clearly identifiable damage

One may begin to notice some obvious window damages as the window have been under the impact of serious weather conditions, natural disasters and the like overtime. Windows under these conditions wear and tear, and the signs are scratches on the glass, failing seals or gaskets, or damaged glass frames. The better option is a window replacement where you are having this problem.

  • Zero thermal efficiencies

In glass window installation, there is a term known as U-factor, defined as the rate at which glass windows spread heat not caused by the sun. As a result of drafts, leakages or gaps, this property of glass may be lowered. Its thermal efficiency may also be affected.

  • Expensive maintenance or repairs

This is typically noticed when windows are always under constant repairs, everyday care and changes in spare parts. The frequency with which these issues occur and are being resolved increases your spending plus the time and energy put into the effort. At this point, it will be cost-effective to simply get new windows.

  • Aesthetics and upgrades

Part of office or business space renovation is changing the windows into modern and classic types. You can buy directly or have an expert glazier customise your windows to enhance your business culture. A total replacement of the commercial glass will change the appearance of your business premises and ensure it’s at the same level or even higher than your competitors.

Modern-day advancement in commercial glass replacement

Modern-day-advancement-in-commercial -glass-replacement

How long your glass will last is dependent on the material used. One of the most relevant factors in this business is the material used to frame the glass. With the right framing materials, your glass can last ten years or more.

Building designers, architects and decorators are now into the following trending framing materials:


This material has a balanced ratio of strength to weight and is a good choice for framing commercial glass. These can withstand against weather extremities and heat over prolonged exposure. You are looking at around 15 years of sturdy window frames with material like aluminium. This longevity may extend where the frames are expertly fitted.


Of course, this is one of the earliest used materials and still retains its spot as durable material. For longevity, wood is a suitable option offering about 30 years of service. Following the interest in getting commercial glass professionally fitted and maintained, they can be used for more than 30 years!


Modern-day architects use fibreglass a lot because of its unique properties. Fibreglass can survive the impact of extreme weather conditions. Its insulation and thermal integrity are superb. Plus, it can be customised to wood. Currently, many people are opting for fibreglass that looks like wood.


Yet another amazing material with high-performance properties. Apart from the fact that vinyl last long (around 20 years and above), there are other huge bonuses when you use vinyl. You can easily customise vinyl to suit your business needs and culture. The material is resistant to dents, moisture and scratches. Even in severe weather conditions, vinyl remains unscathed.

Last words…

You have seen the conditions under which you may choose a commercial glass repair or replacement. Your decision depends on the situation. But like we said, cases involving a new look, pricey repair or maintenance, and high-level damages require a complete replacement of your windows. As for less severe window headaches, repairs are a good option. We have discussed high-performing materials that can work well with your commercial glass for an even better option. What have we not mentioned? Yes, you need to hire commercial glaziers London for the best of commercial glass services.

We have years of experience in glazing for commercial purposes. We are highly skilled and knowledgeable in all that concerns bespoke commercial glassworks. If you would like to know how we can help you, simply contact our team, and you can rest easy knowing your glass project will not be a flop. Need a quote? We can give you one today.

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