Compact Boxes For Industrial Automation

The AIS Compact Industrial Box PC, Quill Compact Box, and AE Compact Boxes are just some of the modular storage systems in the Compact series. The boxes are modular and stackable, and the lids are removable, serving as trays for smaller items. Made from durable material, these Cosmetic boxes are easily cleaned in the dishwasher or hand washed. Read on to learn more. This article also provides some background information on the 2500 series compact isolation glove boxes.

AIS Compact Industrial Box PC

An AIS Compact Industrial Box PC has many advantages, which can make it an ideal choice for your industrial automation needs. This rugged, compact device can be embedded in a variety of processes, such as automotive design, stamping, welding, finishing, and machining. It can also be used for robotics, production data collection, and bar code/RFID tracking. AIS Industrial Box PCs have an impressive range of options, so there’s a model to meet your requirements.

AE Compact Box
The AE Compact Box is an all-in-one enclosure for factory automation. It complies with international standards and is CE marked. It offers protection grades IP66 and IP55 and does not allow the door to be opened or closed. Its rotary wave guides allow for horizontal mounting and is weatherised for outdoor use. Here are some important facts about this product:

Quill Compact Box

A Quill Compact Box can be used to store anything from loose A4 documents to files and lever arch files. Because it is so small, it can save 40% of shelf space and stack up to 25 high. You can use it to store loose documents as well as recycle lever arch files. It also has a convenient front-opening mechanism. The Quill Compact Box is sold in boxes of 100, and is an excellent choice for storage.

2500 series compact isolation glove boxes

The Coy HE 4GB 2500 Glovebox is based on a modular design that allows for the addition of additional antechambers to accommodate increased working space. Other features include a full line of accessory options, including an Inert Gas Management System to maintain a sterile atmosphere with 1 ppm O2 and H2O. In addition, this model is solvent welded and features an easy-to-access front viewing angle.

Gold Mirrored Compact Box

The gold mirrored compact is a great gift for a girl who loves makeup. It features a mirror inside and a full color imprint on the epoxy cover. It also comes with or without gift boxes. It measures 2.75″ in diameter and has a double mirror inside. There are four sizes to choose from: round, heart, square, or oval. The compact has two different magnification levels: one side has normal magnification, the other has a five-fold magnification. This allows you to get more details than you would with an ordinary mirror. It is also ultra-slim and comes in gift packaging you can order these boxes at Custom Boxes Place.

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