Double Your Profit by having Custom Pre-Roll Boxes

Per-roll packaging has boxes in which smoking herbs like weed and marijuana are packed. They are packed in a cylindrical form with the help of paper. It is used for smoking purposes

Customization gives options to the companies to choose accordingly to their design and idea. It is important to choose the best pre-roll packaging company for the company’s product.

Material for Boxes

The material of the boxes is very important because it defines the whole look of these pre-roll boxes. The things that must be kept in mind while choosing the material for the boxes must be durability, reliability, strength, and aesthetic look.

The material that is usually used for making the custom per roll packaging boxes are cardstock, cardboard, and Kraft paper.

Coatings for Finish

Certain types of coatings are available to make the box look amazing. The coatings included are gloss and satin.

The gloss paper adds a shiny look to the packaging boxes.  The glossy and slick look of the box makes it look very inviting and the colors of the box pop more due to this coating. Also, the gloss coating adds thickness and strength to the box.

Further, the satin coating is in between the gloss and matte finish. It gives a very soft and gives a smooth finish. It is neither too glossy nor too matte with a subtle look

Add-ons on Boxes

To expose the cigarettes inside the boxes the add ons like die-cut windows and PVC windows are used. It allows the customer to look at the product inside the box and the product looks more inviting like this.

The gold, and silver foil make pre roll packaging boxes more striking. The logo or writing on the box can be covered in silver or gold foiling.

More add-on options include embossing or debossing the letters or the image on the boxes. This gives a very different and slick look to the box it’s almost like engraving the letters or the image.

In the case of gluing reliable and strong gluing material is preferred. By gluing different materials on the boxes, unique designs can be made.

Perforation is also a good add-on. It is used to display four to five packs of these boxes. In the supermarkets, these boxes are displayed on the counter. It has dotted lines on one of the boxes and exposes the small boxes inside for marketing.

Hues for Printing

The combination of colors always catches the eye of the customer. So, it is important to use eye-catching color combinations in custom pre-roll boxes. Usually, in the pre-roll boxes, we see dark and subtle colors.

The different options of tones that can be used for printing reasons can be CMYK which is the color combination of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key. The Key can be white or black color and PMS which is the Pantone Match stem it is a mix of different colors from the CMYK spectrum.

Also, no color option is available. In these options, the black and white theme is used with the name of the camping and the logo.

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