Echemi helps 10,000 domestic enterprises to open a new model

Echemi helps 10,000 domestic enterprises to open a new model of foreign trade

Echemi, an e-commerce platform in the vertical field, is not only the pioneer of a new model of e-commerce development, but also a step ahead in the newly launched member-exclusive rights. A few days ago, Echemi launched member exclusive benefits.

At the same time, Echemi gold and silver members have the rights to double publicity online and offline for many overseas professional exhibitions, and comprehensively enhance the brand’s popularity. Echemi ordinary users to gold members can enjoy the inquiry matching service every month, and professional overseas office staff provide High-quality counterpart inquiries, making it easier for chemical plant users to do foreign trade. Exclusively enjoy accurate and high-quality inquiries. Among them, silver members and gold members can enjoy 3-5 precise new order matching every month, making successful transactions closer. Gold members can view customer information unlimitedly every month, and use Echemi’s exclusive multi-language live customer service without limit.

Not only that, Echemi will also launch an exclusive gift for gold members in July, and gold members have the opportunity to get a quarterly card for homepage advertising space for free.

What does the Echemi membership system bring to chemical plants?

1. More customers

Through years of accumulated industry experience, Echemi always focuses on customer + IT system, greatly improves transaction efficiency, and simplifies transaction process. Customers prefer to find factories in Echemi, place orders, and devote more energy to cover a wider customer base while retaining customers. At present, Echemi has traded in more than 200 countries. With the launch of the membership system, more and more inquiries, more orders, and more customers will be brought to domestic factories. Echemi will provide a more desirable e-commerce platform for Chinese chemical manufacturers.

2. Brand promotion

After chemical plants join Echemi members, Echemi will use its own marketing advantages from online and offline channels to help chemical plants solve the problem of corporate brand marketing. Echemi will bring the good products and corporate images of member companies to all over the world. Overseas exhibitions are promoted, and the chief advertising space exclusively enjoyed by members allows the brand to cover the world.

3. Excellent service

Optimizing the allocation of global chemical resources is the philosophy that Echemi has always practiced. It is precisely through this platform that high-quality buyers have an affordable and convenient trading experience, so they continue to place orders and repurchase on the Echemi platform. After becoming an Echemi member, chemical plants will get better matching of inquiries and customers. Unlimited matching of external inquiries and quotations will allow chemical plants to expand global customer resources.

4. VIP exclusive

The Echemi membership system brings users a distinguished status symbol and shows the distinguished membership all the time. Echemi members have a more personalized store design and unique distinguished logo, which can also give chemical plants a certain advantage in the competition of the same industry. In the future , Echemi will continue to launch more member exclusive benefits to make the EchemiVIP exclusive logo even brighter.

What is the significance of the Echemi membership system?

The launch of the Echemi membership system has confirmed that the development of Echemi has changed from quantitative to qualitative, and the brand image, influence and popularity have been further improved.

1. Affirmation of the development model

Echemi can be said to be the first chemical e-commerce company to adopt a vertical model. In the early days of its establishment, people mostly held a wait-and-see attitude as to how long and how far Echemi, a “newcomer” in the industry, could go. The launch of this membership system verifies the correctness and forward-looking of Echemi’s development model. It is this model that has created Echemi’s huge user base.

2. Comprehensive normative development

Only one and a half years after its establishment, Echemi’s active users have exceeded 10,000 chemical plants. For this huge user group, how to manage it in a standardized and orderly manner is particularly important. The launch of the Echemi membership system this time is a magic medicine to solve this problem, marking Echemi’s steady development towards the direction of an e-commerce platform giant!

3. High-quality services help Chinese chemical plants go global

Service industry innovation and other means to promote online and offline interaction and integration, drive the development of the real economy, and enhance the development momentum of traditional industries. The specific manifestations are: customer service support and IT systematization support, optimizing transaction credit system and brand influence, and establishing buyers and sellers. Trust, increase the full prepaid ratio; risk control system based on transaction data. A transaction data system for credit rating of overseas buyers and domestic factories, which assists in screening high-risk regions and countries and identifying risky buyers; China Credit Insurance. The center guarantees 90% of the compensation for the amount that the overseas buyer does not pay; through the control of the logistics sea waybill. The sea waybill has a certificate of title, and the ownership of the overseas bill and the goods is controlled by the freight forwarder. Through finance, the Internet and advanced operation methods, we help factories to go out and solve the problems encountered in the process of going out.

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